By creepedout - 20/07/2015 03:00 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I received a text with my last name spelled wrong. A short conversation revealed he got my number from me, through Tinder. I don't have an account, but he insisted he knew that I like it 'hard and rough'. He knew my first name. I still don't know how he got my phone number or name. FML
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Sounds like a prank to me, OP. Got any friends with a tinder account?


Sounds like a prank to me, OP. Got any friends with a tinder account?

The thing is, to have a tinder account it has to be linked to your Facebook and use pictures from your profile. It also uses your first name from Facebook. Unless they've changed it in the last year.

It wouldn't be hard to create a Facebook account with the same name and to copy and paste some pics from your friends account in order to make a Tinder account. I think this is just a friend playing a joke on her.

I can imagine funnier and less creepy telephone pranks. (Own age pranks).

or its an ex being a huge dick. i had something similar happen.

I am an FML noob. What does OP mean?

I'm thinking prank but probably a friend with a burner/new phone just seeing what she'll say, that's something my mates would do :)

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Could be a friend, or it could be a nasty bully from school.

I suggest ignoring him. And if he keeps doing it, I would report it and see what the officials can do because that's a really creepy.

I know it's a typo or a mistake so I'm sorry but the end of your comment saying "that's a really creepy" made me read it in Mario's voice.

If you have an iPhone you can block the number with a press of a button and no call to your telephone provider. If you don't and he doesn't stop texting when you ask, call your telephone provider and they can block it for you.

HAHAHAA yes it's a typo! I was thinking of writing something else with that but I didn't reread afterwards. Your comment is awesome! Sure did put a smile on my face XD

sounds like you have a friend that decided to put you on Tinder.

He knows Smiley... he knows everything... From your legitimate tinder page of course.

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That is creepy. Go find your fake profile and report it.

Well the real question do you like it..???

Someone probably played a distasteful prank on you. If it is a prank, I wouldn't find it funny.

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Someone probably created an account and put your name and number as a prank.