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Today, I saw a lesbian couple walking through the mall. One of the ladies walked up to me in the middle of the busy mall and started screaming at me about how rude it is to stare, and how we are all equal- straight or not. I was only staring because I'm a lesbian too, and they were hot. FML
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Right answer: "sorry, stared, because you seemed hot, but, dont worry, I wont do it again - now i know that you are a bitch"


first ...and FYL for them jumping to conclusions. but YDI for staring. I don't stare at girls making out with guys just because I think she's hot. that is a little rude...

invite me, and it'll be a foursome =D i mean, you always have to have one guy in there.

am I the only God-fearing person who finds this wrong?!? the fact that fml has become a host for whiny gays is sad

@ 173 oh no trust me honey you aren't i am a pretty religious person and it ticks me off that people are disobeying something like that out of the Holy Bible! and homosexuality is just sick! people shouldn't even joke about 3-somes and stuff like that its sick! i mean sure i sin plenty and i'm ashamed but ugh! i VERY strongly dislike homosexuals it is a direct violation of the Holy Bible i am not prejudice but seriously! but like i said, honey you arent the only God- fearing person who finds this very wrong i agree completely! and sorry if it freaks you out that i called you honey i call everyone honey but thank you for posting that comment because the lesbian thing was crawling under my skin and i was hoping someone would post something like that! you have alot of my respect even if i dont know you!

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Most of us can't even choose if were homosexual or bisexual!! Some of are are born with it and it's to hard to fight off. The heart wants what it wants. So answer me this, if God hates homosexuals so much then WHY would he make us that way? Huh, what's you answer for that. God makes each and every one of us and he chooses how we are, we have no control over that. And come on...Nothing...NOTHING in the bible says that God hates homosexuals. It's just something everyone's come to believe and it's crap.

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174: shut your ******* pathetic mouth bitch. not everyone believes the same bullshit fairy tales you do. **** you. I hope you get ******* cancer and die.

well I used to study the bible. yes, I know that the scriptures gear you away from such things as homosexuality, but it also says bo to discrimination and to love all for who they are! for 174 to flat out day homosexuals are horrible and to call them out and day what s/he did was just plain ignorant. there's no need to be so f-ing rude.

So infertile straight couples are immoral?

Ok so you are not prejudice, you just don't like homosexuals. God dammit you are a complete retard. You are just one of those people who hide behind the bible for topics they don't fully understand. YOU are the reason christians look bad

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sorry #3, i beat you to it. better luck next time ;)

LOLOL awesome, that's not a FML or a YDI at all, in my opinion. It's just an hilarious event. You should have just told them that you're a lesbian too.

Haha nice. Did you get their number so you could join in on the Lesbian shenanigans?

Hahahaha, threesome fun :D Not your fault, I can't really tell you to be more discreet when checking someone out or else they might think you're judging them with disapproving glances.

They better never travel to Germany. They'll have a panic attack from all the staring.