By LynnJ - 06/02/2010 02:18 - Canada

Today, I walked past a group of men at the mall and one of them mooed at me. FML
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Should've said, "Yep... That's right! Myyyy milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!!" Then flipped your hair and winked. Mhmm


no one cares that you're first. OP: fyl, it would be kind of awkward to see some one you don't know moo at you.

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"I'm fat fml" heres an idea, instead of whining on fml, how about you go exercise. typing is not exercise by the way.

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no one ever does that to me... :(

Go for a run. It won't kill you I promise.

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so, just because some people are assholes means that she should change just for them? stfu

You guys are jerks. That's terrible. That's sure to ruin her self esteem. She could've been born over weight; jeez. People these days. FYL D:

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i like big girls who dont have cellulite or stretchmarks.

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Than you don't like big girls. you like balloons.

that's just gross man good luck with that fetish

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I love your comment your my hero # 17

So I'm guessing cat-calling is old now

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my bad op but come on ya gatta dig a cow

maybe he was mooing 'cause he wanted to eat her grass......

wow Jerks but you wont see them anymore. Some people can be ******* rude.

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yeah but op deserves it for being a cow

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maybe she should havw oinked back to **** with them.

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I would have barked at them :D

lol. exactly. stop being fat and start caring about your body. I don't feel sorry for fat people.

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No one likes to be mooed at, dick. Chubby people are awesome. Now, if they are massive and can't walk and wonder why they're so sad all the time, than there is a serious problem. But other wise, more to love.

well then you can have fun with the cow. I prefer someone who won't die in there 30's

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@ kikiholt Dude, you're awesome. Just thought i'd say that.

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david are you an idiot? Not every large person dies in their 30's. I do believe this is the 2nd time I've called you out on your overly idiotic remarks. How about you take a break from fml for a year or two, then come back once you balls have dropped.

some people can't help being overweight someone with a thyroid condition. it can make you skinny OR fat. judgemental people are so ****** stupid. karma will bite you in the ass for being so cruel.

first off. I wasn't being serious about the dying at 30 remark. but I do believe that being healthy is a lifestyle choice. I used to be a fat kid but then I changed my lifestyle. so I have no pity for fat people and if you stick up for them then you are an enabler and you aren't helping them at all. sooo# 20. how do you like them apples? oh, and you have a fat face. go kill yourself. on the treadmill that is.

There's a difference between pitying someone for being fat and pitying someone for being treated shittily. OP wasn't whining about any of the physical consequences of her weight, but rather for someone being a dick to her about it. You may not agree with the decision to be/remain overweight, but it's her body and she can do what she likes with it. All this "fatty" shit... dudes are used from television to girls putting themselves on display and modeling their appearances after what's appealing to look at, to the point that a fat girl is seen as an animal (whale, cow, whatever) while a fat dude can have a primetime TV show or a successful movie career; to the point where the mere absence of makeup or revealing clothes is shorthand for "lesbian." It's creepy and voyeuristic.

@75~ It is true that if your thyroid gland is malfunctioning, than it can make you gain or lose weight. But they're different conditions. If someone suffers from hyperthyroidism, than the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid, making them lose weight, often to a very unhealthy level. The reverse disorder, hypothyroidism, causes a person to gain weight, but it is generally not a very severe weight gain. @OP~ That sucks. I'm sorry. But maybe it didn't mean what you're assuming it meant. I grew up on the US mainland, but now live in Hawai'i. On the mainland, if a guy barks at a girl, he's basically saying she's ugly. In Hawai'i, if a guy barks at a girl as he drives by, he's paying her a compliment. I still don't understand it. If you don't feel like you're overweight or unattractive, maybe the guys are just assholes from somewhere else, like Texas or West Virginia. I hear than men like livestock in those areas...

What's with all the West Virginia jabber lately? Don't hate on the Mountain State!

PS -- What livestock? What open fields? The entire state of West Virginia is in the mountains, hence the state nickname. They're coal miners up there. At least be intelligent if you're going to make up rude generalizations about people you've never met.

ten bucks says that If she were walking for excercise and walked by the same group of guys they would still be assfucks and moo. stfu. it's still ficking rude. you still make fun of chubbies working out just the same as if they were sitting on the couch eating doritos. you are all a bunch of **** tards . jusssssst sayin

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I bet you touch yourself at night bitch. her back to ******* your mother in the kitchen.

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I*, it's*, because*, you're*.

I understand in your description you say people take things on here too seriously, but this comment is ridiculous. How would you like it if the tables were turned and this happened to you and someone called you a "fat bitch?"

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so what does a Canadian cow sound like? or at least the call?

FYL, you should have hit on tha dude, called him farmer, an asked if he was into that sorta thing... haha!!