By Anonymous - United States - Oklahoma City
Today, I was at the mall and I noticed this guy staring at me from across the food court. He smiled and waved at me so I walked over there and tried to talk to him. He was looking at his girlfriend the whole time. FML
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  Vball6  |  19

Yeah, just walk up to a random guy who was calling his girlfriend and hand him your number, sounds smart.

How can you be so sure they'll break up anyway? Omg.

By  AH1Zviper  |  15

Just go ahead and pretend you were going to say hi to your boyfriend. " Oh, you were saying hi to your girlfriend? Sorry, I was waving hi to my boyfriend... Who's waaaayyyy over there."

By  kyleekay  |  25

That's why you never walk up to a random person who you suspect is staring at you. In my experience, the person who I thought was looking at me usually never was.