By anonymous - 23/12/2014 11:28 - Austria - Vienna

Today, I was yelled at in public for staring at a guy in a wheelchair. I was staring because he was so good looking. FML
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I guess you could call him hot wheels! I'm sorry.....

DrMario_ 16


Here's an idea: Don't stare at people at all maybe? It's kinda creepy

Unless someone is staring for an excessive amount of time people shouldn't immediately think someone is creepy for looking at them.

32, the FML said "staring", not looking. Further, if OP was looking long enough to get "yelled at", presumably by a stranger, that's well into "creepy" territory.

I don't know. Maybe it was someone with the guy in the wheelchair who's so used to people staring. Maybe she wasn't staring very long

If people didn't express through random acts that may seem a little creepy, then how are we supposed to know who they like?

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You can't just stare at a guy. It's creepy...

But when you see a breathe taking gorgeous guy. You just have too. I still remember what this stranger's smile looked like, passing by a few years ago. I just had to stare at him wide eyed. Embarrassingly with my mouth hanging open. Lol totally worth it. Led to a funny conversation after.

you get 30 thumbs down but god forbid a man speak to a woman or stare at her or the feminazis will say they're being oppressed.

Exactly. I don't understand this kind of double standard. Every time I've looked at a girl for longer than two seconds I've been told off for being creepy and staring. So if a guy stares at a girl because he finds her attractive it's creepy, but if a girl stares at a guy because he's attractive then it's totally acceptable? That's fair.

#56 It's not acceptable. That's why OP got yelled at...

squideth 18

How about no one stares at anyone??? It's creepy no matter who is doing it to who, and I really don't understand why people are getting thumbed down for calling it what it is. Also, "feminazis"? Really? Comparing a (sometimes misguided) movement for equal rights to the people who committed mass genocide is pretty nasty.

Judging by all the other comments, the FML community seems to think it's pretty acceptable.

DrMario_ 16

Leave it society to judge and assume what people are looking at.

"Society" is the collection of all people in the universe, so yes, society will do that.

I am a quadriplegic and every time I go outside people avoid and stare at me. I can understand that children are curious, but when adults stare it is just plain rude. However, I would never yell at someone. If someone thought that I was cute I would LOVE it if they would talk to me instead of thinking about it!

I feel as though "society" is more of a collection of someone's close minded, sick views on how we should live out our lives... Who gets to decide how you live? Sounds wrong to me. Lol, in short stare if you want, say hi if you want. But don't feel bad that someone yelled at you, because of what they assumed.

You should've rolled up on him and said hi.

how exactly is OP supposed to roll up on anyone when it was the GUY in the wheelchair. not OP?

I'm guessing it was an attempted pun...

You should have gone up and said hi. Staring at him is creepy.

Who yelled? The guy or someone else. I would have told him I'm looking because you are so handsome. Everyone likes a compliment and I'm sure he would have appreciated that

staring at a hot person in a wheelchair was probably bound for a sad ending no matter what

#10 What is wrong with people in chairs?