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By  real life problems  |  26

You might have a medical condition that may require small surgery to fix that, it's actually pretty common. I'm not sure what it's called but maybe someone can explain that knows what I'm talking about

  wdfw  |  7

a friend who was circumcised as an adult because of it told me once, but I don't remember. It was a very long word that basically meant the opening in the foreskin wasn't wide enough

By  Flutter_Lily  |  6

How does this happen? Wtf was she doing?!

By  honestjane  |  22

She was obviously trying out the latest "mind-blowing" sex tips from Cosmopolitan magazine. Guaranteed to send your boyfriend to the hospital in 2 moves or less.

By  SaltyLurker  |  10

Look I'm a guy myself and I still can't figure out what she must have been doing with it to tear that, but I agree with the Cosmo guy. Those "must-try-now" tips are flat-out painful 10:1, FYL.