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By SlothyMolly - 06/03/2013 17:19 - United States

Today, while working my shift at Taco Bell, a creepy guy started flirting with me. He said, "You remind me of something," acting as if I knew him from elsewhere. I quickly said I used to work at Chili's. He shook his head and said, "No, not a person! An animal. A sloth maybe." FML
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Well, then he obviously wasn't flirting with you...


4- No matter how much of a dumb shit the customer is, you should never do that. Potentially making someone ill over a silly comment is not necessary. Plus, that really shows what kind of character you are if you blow your cool to something that quickly.

I always try to be polite to restaurant workers after seeing Waiting..... Batwing!

FarFromSocial 9

Needless to say #4 should NEVER work in the food industry.

You are absolutely right 72, I would not make it in the food industry. I don't mess with people but at the same time I don't take shit from nobody, and a lot of costumers nowadays treat restaurant workers like shit

FarFromSocial 9

74- At least you can admit it. And i agree some people are absolute assholes but all you can do is kill them with kindness rather than act as they do.

Well, then he obviously wasn't flirting with you...

Psh says you. Kinky sloth flirting is all the rage lately next thing is he's gonna ask how much algae and moss are growing on you after a wink.

yeah I thought the same thing. just because a man talks to a women doesn't make it flirting.

Ask him if in his past life he was a bear. A pedobear.

asmari 10

Thank god he was creepy, and not a good looking man.

vadaaa 11

No, not all creeps are ugly. Some are handsome/pretty and act a creepy way. Some ugly people are sweet without being creepy. It goes both ways.

There's a universal law for both genders: The more attractive that you are, the lower the chance that what you say/do will be considered creepy by others. (They will instead think of it as "quirky" or something similar.)

yodas0da 12

Maybe he meant Sid the sloth from Ice Age :)

I think that's worse than a regular sloth...

He likes it slow and monotonous. Also with a sloth.

So you mean a donkey? A mule isn't an ass, a donkey is.

Right. A mule is only halfass. The rear half.

Did you take his order while hanging from a tree or something?

I'm sorry, Pleo, but that was a little bit weak for you...

I'm sorry, some random guy, but his comment comes right after your mule comment. Quite frankly, yours makes no sense, and Pleo's looks like a bowl of heaven compared to yours.

I'm not really slipping, since that implies I've changed. It's just a non-pun comment, referring to an action a sloth does to try and explain why she should be called a sloth. Not meant to be funny or whatever, just my thoughts.

And you 2 numbnuts obviously weren't on yesterday when he slayed a few in a row. Don't bash the regulars when you have nothing more productive to offer.

mpj13 8

How is commenting in the internet productive?

Because it's sterile, and I like the taste.

41- Comedy and information is the trade of the Internet, jokes and ideas are the product. If you can't produce something that's funny or intelligent you have nothing to offer the market. I apologize for how little humor is in this comment. "Sphincter", there, that ought to lighten it up.

mpj13 8

My name is Patches Ohulahan and I'm your new coach.

Yeah, I admit- I sound like a douchebag there... I really do think you and your stache are awesome, Pleo. I sincerely apologize.

Wow this was kind of a let down.. I kind of expected some kind of pun or other type of comedy thread to follow pleo..

Love it when you guys are sweet to each other like that! Xx

Don't take it to heart. The guy is just being a dick.

At least he wasn't a rapist. There's some good in this.

You can say that kind of stuff about most things... "You were robbed? At least he didn't murder you!"

Yea.. Cause I would totally be interested in someone whol calls me a sloth..

Kid- Hey Dad, I got an F on my test. :( Dad- WTF *shoots kid in leg* Kid- Why did you shoot me?!? Dad- At least I'm not a rapist O_o

He could have been a rapist, I mean rapists must like Taco Bell too.