By Anonymous - 04/01/2015 10:27 - Australia - Doncaster

Today, my vegetarian girlfriend put some ghost pepper hot sauce on my steak to teach me a "lesson" about eating meat. FML
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I'm vegan, and I can say that she's gone way too far. If she can't deal with her partner eating meat, she needs to find someone else.

that's adding spice to the relationship


I'm vegan, and I can say that she's gone way too far. If she can't deal with her partner eating meat, she needs to find someone else.

totally agree. while i wish my boyfriend didn't eat meat, i wouldn't do anything like that to him. i respect his wishes and he respects mine

Well, the pepper is a vegetable, so didn't she just hurt her cause?

I agree. You can believe in what you want but as soon as you push that on someone else, it's not okay.

Merylwen 24

Anyone willing to mess with other people's food is a dangerous psycho and should be avoided.

JadeWinter 16

Yes! I'm vegetarian an I want to be vegan, but I couldn't care less what my family eats. Not only that... Some vegetarian she is, ruining a whole steak so it goes to waste. That's worse than eating meat in my opinion! That animal died so she could throw it in the bin, well done girl, well done.

CaitiieBuggs 23

She's crazy, OP. I choose not to eat the majority of meat out there, but that's just a personal choice and I don't expect others to conform to it. I make my husband killer steaks all the time, and then make myself something different to eat; because that's what adults do.

I'm a vegetarian, my hubby and my kids eat meat. Being a vegetarian is my choice, for me, and I wouldn't dream of trying to dictate other peoples choices. She gives vegetarians a bad reputation. What a disgrace.

incoherentrmblr 21

I don't think this couple is doing 69 anytime soon...

SparksTheSadie 18

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#190 You can't possibly be serious with that ammount of bullshit you postet up there! If she's not ok with him 'slaughtering animals whilest loughing hysterically' as you obviously think of carnivoures than she should dump him. Besides there is a difference in eating meat and killing people/animals. Most people don't think 24/7 about animals getting killed as meat looks nothing like a living being and out brain ignores this fact most often. But what is she going to do next if he doesn't stop? Putting stuff in his food so he suffers from diarrhea or poison him?

MzZombicidal 36

#190, you sound extremely idiotic and judgemental. Seems you're not far off from ghost peppering someone's food for your "cause" as well.

raeepressley 12

I'm almost vegetarian myself, and my boyfriend is an all out carnivore. He eats vegetables, but he loves meat. I do all of the cooking in our house, so I make meat for him on a daily basis. If this girl can't respect OPs choice to not be vegetarian, she needs to go somewhere else and find another crazy, bleeding heart, armchair activist vegetarian like herself...

No, she needs to leave him. If it's so much of a problem, she needs to find someone who has the same morals as her. It's not rocket science. Forcing an opinion on someone who doesn't want it won't solve anything.

201, you don't have to make your boyfriend meat on a daily basis. It's nice that you're not judgmental about it, and that you cook for him despite his very different diet, but he really doesn't need it and should be fine with pasta, potatoes, or whatever sometimes.

Well no #151...she's a vegetarian, remember?

He needs to dump that bitch.

HighasaCloud 46

Absolutely agree, it's in no way any of her ******* business what OP eats. What in the world even made her think that doing such a thing is okay?

As Robert Heinlein said, someone who eats meat is on the same moral level as the butcher. On the other hand, someone who wastes the animals death by deliberately making the meat inedible is on the same moral level as someone who kills edible animals for fun.

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Further proof that women are crazy.

Don't let a few rotten cabbages give you a negative view on the entire crop. Side comment: I love brocolli with my steak.

He should sneak some bacon into one of here meals

They have meat-envy, they have totally obliterated their stomachs ability to properly digest they act out in ways like these.

Not exactly meat envy so much as an inability to accept that other people's dietary choices don't match up with theirs (my guess, anyway).

Steve97 32

Well there is only one thing to do in this situation is to man up and eat that damn steak with pride!

You shouldn't do something negative in return..That doesn't help anything.

He should rape her and then throw her off a bridge.

Wow well that went way too far. You shouldnt joke about rape like that. You may have been trying to be funny but it wasn't. Try being a tad more considerate before making vulgar, unfunny jokes like that.

That comment was directed at #146 (if it wasn't obvious)

This comment thread.... so different from the first one :P

He should take a shit in her salad to teach her a lesson about being a crazy vegetarian.

Not all Vegetarians are crazy, one of my best friends if a Vegetarian; we joke all the time about how I've accidentally offered her beef jerky =)

woah there #164 you need take a step back

#160 Prime example how the tone makes the music. This one opens with discrediting a whole group of people, most of whom are sensible and tolerant of the choices others make. It's only a few black sheep like OP's girlfriend who ruin our reputation.

Well look at you being all productive and reasonable #140! But if everyone never retaliated, there would be far fewer FML's :)

Uh, no, #2. I would never do something like that. Instead of teaching people a "lesson" about eating meat, I'd rather show them how good vegan food can be. If OP's girlfriend can't handle the fact that her boyfriend eats meat, she needs to find a vegetarian boyfriend. I'm not thrilled when people around me eat meat, but I just deal.

Uh NO he shouldn't! There is a difference, being a vegetarian myself I would know, when a vegetarian eats meat they feel guilty most often and extremely upset that they have just eaten a slaughtered organism. YOU may think this would be just "revenge" but to me this is long lasting torture. The effects of the ghost pepper go away within 1-2 days, but the feeling of guilt hounding you for a week is very different. The cause of the rueing would simply be because, many vegetarians are the strict herbivores in order to not eat animals. Animals were not made to be eaten by us, the logic behind this is, they were here much before us, and we are one of the latest arriving species among the planet. Don't be that cruel man, its not cool. Just be the bigger person, and walk away.

WearingHats 14

When you eat a plant you're still slaughtering an organism. Herbivores need to kill to survive the same way that carnivores do. The only difference is that people don't get emotionally attached to a cucumber. Well, most people anyway.

I like you said "most people" it both frightens and interests me that someone out there is emotionally attached to a cucumber... lol

lrw87 22

The bible clearly states that every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I have you the green plants, I gave you everything...genesis 9:3.

that's adding spice to the relationship

Lots and lots of spice

I'll bet OP was breathing fire after this!

Badumn tish

drayloon 50

Go down on her later. she'll feel the burn too

You mean ex girlfriend now right?

Typical, no need to jump the gun sista.

cadillacgal79 32

I actually think her comment is appropriate, if she can't handle her partner has a different eating style than her and she can't accept it, I think it's fine for OP to break up with her.

katachristic 19

Those are legitimately dangerous. Poisoning someone is a perfectly good reason to get dumped.

amyfann 26

#5 I agree. He should break up with her. She went way too far. Ghost pepper isn't a hot sauce. It is an extract. It is one of the hottest peppers ever. The scoville rating for a Jalapeño is just 2000-8000 while a ghost pepper is 1,000,000. 900 times hotter than Tabasco.

cadillacgal79 32

39-just ask my brother, couple years ago we went to a flee market and a lady had various sauces, ghost pepper being one of them. My brother ate a spoonful and spent the rest of the day on the toilet.

#25 she could have killed or hospitalized him. if you don't think that's serious, you need help because you are either going to put up with abuse one day or maybe be an abuser.

Well did it ruin the steak because I think that it might taste good with a kick, but goat pepper is more hit by car than kick so I don't know

goat pepper?!? whaaaaat

I have tons of hot sauce including ones made with ghost peppers. They aren't THAT hot. Definitely not like biting into a fresh ghost pepper. OP probably took a few bites and had a good burn. Not like people's reactions of eating a real ghost pepper on Youtube where they look like they're dying.

tantanpanda 26

I got this hot sauce at the hot sauce festival in houston and it's level of spice (Caspian or something) was equal to the contents of pepper spray. A drop of the sauce burned like a fire and trying to calm it by drinking things intensified the feeling. Moral of the story: you don't know how hot the hot sauce put in OP's steak was. You can't just assume it wasn't that hot.

Drinking makes the burn worse unless you are drinking milk. Milk helps. Also, I think you mean capsaicin (the substance that burns), the content of which is measured on the Scoville scale.

amyfann 26

#114.. how.. how did you live? I know its just a drop but... A Jalapeño is only 2000 on the scoville rating, a ghost pepper is 1-2 million. And the one you tried is 16,000,000 rated deadly. Far over pepper spray. Pepper spray is only 5,000,000. A spoonful of ghost pepper extract will turn you red and crying on the floor in agony.

Could be worse - could have been a Carolina Reaper!

182- Hot sauces aren't just the pepper mashed up. There's other ingredients that dilute it a bit. Like vinegar. That's why I said OP's ghost pepper hot sauce isn't the same as eating a ghost pepper. Plus if he found it that hot, he would have only ate 1 bite, maybe 2. The more you eat, the hotter it gets as more capsaicin molecules bind to heat receptors in your mouth. So yes, I do have an idea of how how hot it would have been for OP.

HeadlessSparrow 20

Steak is delicious.

I agree. In fact, this FML makes me want to eat all sorts of meat!

addisonrose12 16

That's what She said? Lol

And nutritious!

I'm eating fried chicken........ Does that count?

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The only animal produce she's fine with as a vegetarian are animal by-products. The animal itself… a whole different story.

Vegan, vegetarian SAME THING

138 - no they are NOT the same thing

superdude, vegan is eating no animal products such as dairy and eggs. vegetarian is eating no meat, and that differs between persons who choose to include fish and eggs in that category. and then you have vegans who don't wear leather or other animal products. knowledge is good for the soul my man

raeepressley 12

You should also look up the difference between vegan, vegetarian, plant based, pescetarian, ovo-lacto vegetarian etc... There's a lot of different categories that one can fit into. I consider myself plant based because I eat an almost completely vegan diet, however, I don't have any moral or ethical issues with people eating meat. You should do your research before throwing out blanket statements.

Nederlander95 14

Put some ghost pepper on your "meat" tonight and have her go down on you

That'll burn him horribly though

yeah. Put hot spicy peppers on one of the most sensitive and absorbent parts of your body. What could possibly go wrong?

JustinJK 21

I was just going to say put in on her ******.

gobiteme2 34

Use some Olive oil for lubricant. Add a dash of hot pepper extract. I’m sure she like the taste while down there :)

No. OP should get her excited and then tell her that he can't go down on her because he's become a vegetarian and he's not allowed to eat clams.

Kevlar_burrito 6

Did you think that through before typing it out?

you mean on the condom I hope...

Sneado 20

That's going to help you see her cause. I'd say you should have a nice double Bacon cheese Burger to show her.

You should put a little bacon grease in her salad dressing as a payback. People who do shit like that always deserve a payback.

Except hot peppers, while possibly unpleasant for a while, aren't a violation of OP's important personal views. So maybe he could be the bigger man and just talk to her about it.

katachristic 19

But are a violation of his personal safety. Most people can't handle that without a great degree of pain. (not saying it's appropriate to do the bacon grease)

#36 - no. If OP's girlfriend had a problem with him eating meat, SHE should have been the bigger woman and talked to him about it instead of ******* with his food to "teach him a lesson." This has gone past talking-it-out time and he ought to hit the high road for someone better before things get worse.

Cook all her food with lard instead of vegetable oil. Wait for comments about how it tastes better now.

I'm not saying the girlfriend was in the right - she's ****** up, rude, and way out of order. I just don't see how being mean back, especially when it's something so clearly important to her, is any better. I mean, if I were OP I'd probably just break up with her, but if he doesn't want to do that he needs to talk to her rather than making things even worse.