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#16, the masturbating was probably shaking the bed...and i'm assuming that the OP was probably shaken awake...and that usually seems like you're being shaken a lot more.

FYL, but most bunk beds i've seen let you separate them back into two twin size beds. i'm guessing that's the best option here

By  miyon_fml  |  0

wait there a min, you thought it might an earthquake and you live in Ohio?
I lived Ohio for 30 years, only once during that time was there ever an earthquake that you could feal and it was just a vibration.

  EMR_fml  |  0

Agreed, I've been in Ohio for 27 years and never felt an earthquake. The last major one in this state was 190 years ago. I don't know why the OP jumped to the conclusion that the vibration he was feeling was an earthquake in Ohio.
Also, bunk bed? Unless you're stationed at Wright-Pat Airforce base or a 6year old who sleeps in a bunk bed?


I think that was the point...since he'd never experienced an earthquake he thought the little bit of shaking was the start of one, and early in the morning being shaken'll believe almost anything

  shamille  |  5

I'm sorry, an earthquake in Ohio? no way! I've only heard of "little vibrations" and those are our earthquakes.

I think we only get tornadoes... anyway.

well maybe the OP is from another place (and staying in OH for college) and didn't know.

  jess_00  |  0

He's probably form Ohio but going to school somewhere else. If it's two guys living in one room sharing bunk beds and he considers this an FML and not awesome I'm assuming they're in college.