By StupidJob - 01/09/2016 23:23 - United States - Batavia

Today I was home sick from work because my doctor gave me a new pill that made me throw up violently. My boss called. I thought she was checking on me. She fired me instead. FML
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Did she fire you because you weren't at work, or was it an unfortunate combination of events?

Your boss makes me sick to my stomach.


Your boss makes me sick to my stomach.

Did she fire you because you weren't at work, or was it an unfortunate combination of events?

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Idk how New York works but in Texas an employer can fire you for any reason they want.. You could lay a nice lawsuit down on them.

#13 unless OP can come up with a legit reason for being fired that is illegal, such as discrimination or retaliation, then the best they can do is file for unemployment (unless they're part of a union, and then they can file a grievance). They can sue if they want, but if they were only fired for missing work, regardless of reason, chances are very good that they will lose.

Hopefully your next boss isn't as much of a bitch as your last. Your next move gotta be better than your last op

You should go to workers comp (or whatever it's called) with your case. That's wrongful termination! I may not know what I'm talking about, but that just seems wrong what your boss did.

If OP works in the US they basically don't have any right. If this was to happen in Europe on a fixed contract... Cue the 1,5 years of free pay!

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New York is an at will state which means her employer can pretty much fire her for any reason. OP has no say in this matter sadly.


Some companies have policies in place that prevent wrongful termination. So depending on her contract to work for the company, she could have a case against them. Some companies require a point system and others do a 'strike' system. At my job you have to have corrective action brought against you three times and there has to be evidence that your manager tried to coach you on your performance errors. THEN they can fire you. So OP I'd look in to that, also as a manager I don't see ANY boss just firing your because you were sick. I see them firing you because you have a history of poor work ethic, like calling out frequently or no call no shows or similar behaviors. The money and time it costs to train someone new is not worth the satisfaction of firing a sometimes below average employee. You have to be actively trying to lose your job to get fired in most cases.

Don't think America has organizations like that

Just call her back and say that you make me even more sick than I am now

Just call her and say 'I am already sick but you make me even more sick

If you have a note from your doc, they can't legally fire you for missing due to illness. Take it to court. Good luck OP

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I would take it to court but I would rather take a different job than work for a bitch like her boss.

How do we know of the boss is a bitch. Maybe this happens often with op where she doesn't go in. We just don't have enough info to call someone a bitch.

I agree with #6. Smells like wrongful termination. Employers cannot fire someone just because you are sick, there are laws against that. On the other side I hope that your doctor can give you something different that does not have such effects. "Be well"

Big mistake by you. You should have gone to work and thrown up violently in her office. Bosses need real proof that you are sick and not faking it.