By Shitsuo01 - 30/12/2016 01:56 - United States - Douglasville

Today, I noticed a small bite on my arm. I couldn't figure out what it came from until I saw a small insect crawling out of my bra. FML
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Well...that's one insect with a knack for finding great places to hide. Apparently even bugs love boobs.

Excellent. The second sentence needs an indefinite article between "saw" and "small". Might I recommend my favorite indef-art*: "a"? *cool people abbreviation of indefinite article.

Note to self: if I ever feel the need to bite someone, have a small bug at the ready to throw into their bra and take the blame.

Yeah, we know the size of the bite and the insect, but what is the size of the bra?

Lol wait were you still wearing the bra at the time?

I Guess this is where the term boobs the size of insect bites comes From!

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