By kevdev - 09/09/2010 19:58 - United States

Today, I received an email from an ex who I haven't heard from in two years. Excited that it might be her asking if we could meet up, I opened it. It was a virus. FML
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_Damien_ 0

She gave you cyber herpes >.< that bitch!!

perdix 29

After two years of shoring around after she left you, you should be glad she didn't want to meet you. She could have given you a much worse virus then.


ChubbyCake 5

Damn thats the second virus you get from her.

Daaaang OP You got OWNED Just like #22's boobs

FunnyWeasel 7

you got a computer virus? dude that sucks...

17, you fail because: 1. There wasn't any mention of cheating. 2. The OP's ex is a girl..

31, you fail because he was talking about his ex. :)

37, IDK what FML you are reading, but there is no mention of cheating in the one above us. Also, the OP's ex is a GIRL, when 17 said "Lol, that's what you get for cheating on 'HIM.'" edit: wow, u edited ur comment

^damnit, fml switched around the comments again. Sorry, this isn't meant for you, hockey.

Krajjan 9

This is what you get for believing in forgiveness over vengeance. A small-scale example of humanity. Sucks there's a need for cynicism.

noobgang7 5

To bad emails don't give viruses that easy, usually just the links/files in them.

hmm virus email that's why you have antivirus op

Damn... good idea. brb, compiling virus websites to send to a jerk I know.

KingDingALing 9

That's total ultimate super duper to the max pwnage XP

Lol I'm reading this FML. The cheating was a joke. He was talking about the ex (a girl) cheating on OP and getting a "virus."

 don't sweat it bro we all get viruses

Danielt104 6

What a bitch! find out where she lives and get her back..or just give her a virus :)

76, please google 'drive by email' Be informed before you post.

it was must have been the " here you have " virus that hit the world yesterday.

dude he said "her" witch it means it's a this days

lovesteph3523 0

noohh itts virus' i learnd tht in skool!!

then school taught you wrong. it's viruses. even anti-virus software shows that.

Schizomaniac 24

40, you are wrong. Please go back to school.

#40, your school probably taught you your grammar is correct, too.

raffucka 0

#40 may be joking but it's kinda hard to tell...... no wait she's joking. you guys fail

Schizomaniac 24

56, actually, you fail. Look at her profile. She ACTUALLY types that way.

raffucka 0

u fail 4 do be ar gramerr nazi

lovesteph3523 0

oops.. i admit it, i'm a bad speller

We forgive your incorrect spelling number 2, you're too cute to get mad at :P

raffucka 0
FFML_314 11

You are all so wrong! Now u all look stupid! Its 'virus'es' GOD MY SKOOL TAUGHT ME THAT!

Schizomaniac 24

How could we have been so stupid?! D:

FFML_314 11

i dunno butt its a real good thing im hear to help arnt it?

idkk how u guyys whud spell it wher u pplz live or whtevrr but i was taught tht if a word ends with an 's' (4 example Nicholas) n u need 2 make it plural or show possestion thn u put one of those half quotation mark thinggyys... (2 make it Nicholas') soo yeaa i wasntt jokinn...

loludeserveit 0

half quotation mark things... jesus christ... a word ending in s, like bus, requires an added "es" to make it plural, dumbfuck (e.g. buses) to show possession, you add an apostrophe, or "one of those half-quotation mark things", to the end of the word ending in s (e.g. bus')

Anaxes 5

#134, please, don't mutilate the English language any further. Especially when the mutilation is on a statement about the English language. That's just low.

send her one back that jacks her credit card details, and use that to pay to get the antivirus to get rid of it!

Anaxes 5

Only idiots try to buy an antivirus to treat an already infected computer. It doesn't work. Firstly, most of them are free. Secondly, any virus that isn't a piece of shit will prevent the installation of antivirus software.

Anaxes 5

I don't eat cheerios... whose cheerios did you piss in?


*munch munch munch (see his captains comment)* O_O ..................*munch.....munch munch munch*