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You know the corner of the door opening where the roof of the car meets the side of the car? I was already out of the car and facing away from the car. I started to lose my balance so I grabbed onto that corner (So I guess not really the roof of the car. Half the roof half the side of the car? I don't know what to call it and it's so hard to describe) to regain balance and adjust my crutches. My fingers were curled into the car and my palm resting on the roof. I'm pretty tall so that might be why I could do that. It's a sedan so it's short and it was the back door. Next thing I know SLAM. It still hurts to type.
By badluckbrianna - / Sunday 7 October 2012 05:43 / Canada - Scarborough
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The trash truck gets into a massive accident & isn't salvageable. So it gets decommissioned & melted down while the shoes you're still stuck to are inside it. Full circle, as it were. Back to Hell.

  perdix  |  29

So, you are implying that the OP was an asshole in a previous life and is getting punished in this one? That's ruder than giving up your seat to a fat girl in a bean bag chair.

  perdix  |  29

#5, sorry I got you buried. You were probably using "karma" in the casual, but incorrect, way meaning "luck" or "fortune." When I explained the true meaning, it made you look like a bitch. Sorry.

  MrBond007_fml  |  6

Both hands, or just one good friend.
Wheel chairs are the best, you never have to wait in line anywhere, which doesn't make sense, since your the only one sitting down.. But still, they are awesome.


Well, there have been three "I left the hospital FMLs" in like the last 2-3 days. There was the one where the guy left and got mowed down by emergency personnel, the one with a guy that had his dad hope his other leg was broken when he fell leaving the hospital, and now this one. So by similar FMLs you mean a hospital was involved, then you'd be right.

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