By badluckbrianna - 07/10/2012 05:43 - Canada - Scarborough

Today, I left the hospital after having knee surgery. While trying to find my balance on my crutches, I was holding onto the roof of the car. My mum slammed the car door shut, not noticing my hand. I can barely even bend my fingers to hold onto my crutches. FML
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badluckbrianna tells us more.

You know the corner of the door opening where the roof of the car meets the side of the car? I was already out of the car and facing away from the car. I started to lose my balance so I grabbed onto that corner (So I guess not really the roof of the car. Half the roof half the side of the car? I don't know what to call it and it's so hard to describe) to regain balance and adjust my crutches. My fingers were curled into the car and my palm resting on the roof. I'm pretty tall so that might be why I could do that. It's a sedan so it's short and it was the back door. Next thing I know SLAM. It still hurts to type.

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When it rains it pours.

perdix 29

You ought to go to the hospital. Wait, . . .


When it rains it pours.

Guess you'll need another surgery.

Cats and dogs

14, why would #1 need another surgery? Oh you were talking to OP... THEN STOP THREAD JACKING! Have a good day!

A crippling experience.

wow. will all heal soon :)

22- rage quit...

22- Calm your hormones! It's the Internet!

thrAsHeRr9081 16

22 - You have done this on numerous threads. Not only are you thread jacking, but it isn't getting you anywhere and you're annoying the hell out of me.

You fall into the truck.

I think that's why he can't calm himself.

brittanyrmh_ 12

22 - Sh, it's okay. Are you trying to break the Internet?

There should be a limit as to how much bad luck a person can have...

perdix 29

There is. It's called death.

ee13lbp 4

Unless you go to hell afterwards...

And unless your corpse is victimized by grave-robbers

...and you come back as a snail.

Without a shell. VULNERABILITY!

zero91 4

and get eaten

While still alive...and get covered in salt

And then slowly get eaten by a French..

Prodigy7 4

And drops you while flying...

...and drops you in a nest of red ants...

And some poor idiot steps onto the hill and you get stuck on his shoe.

Then he throws away the shoes and you get taken to the dump

beach_babe89 11

So you hitch a ride on the trash truck to get away. You finally think your day is getting good, but then....

The trash truck gets into a massive accident & isn't salvageable. So it gets decommissioned & melted down while the shoes you're still stuck to are inside it. Full circle, as it were. Back to Hell.

LiterOfCola 16

And then you undergo the grueling process of being recycled back into a sweet bay's grocery bag, somehow made out of real garbage truck metal and shoes!

Ouch i know just how that feels but my cousin shut my finger in the door on purpose!

What a bitch. Why would your cousin do that?

Well, my cousin and I personally hate each other, I'm sweet and she's a spoiled bitch, maybe that's why?

Because like you said shes a bitch ahah i was only 6 :( oh well dont talk to them now XD

Thats exactly right! Glad i dont talk to her now! But my finger nail has never been the same :(

perdix 29

You ought to go to the hospital. Wait, . . .

Must be some bad karma??

perdix 29

So, you are implying that the OP was an asshole in a previous life and is getting punished in this one? That's ruder than giving up your seat to a fat girl in a bean bag chair.

perdix 29

#5, sorry I got you buried. You were probably using "karma" in the casual, but incorrect, way meaning "luck" or "fortune." When I explained the true meaning, it made you look like a bitch. Sorry.

Well they're definitely in a perdixament now.

now you have an excuse for a wheelchair!

I'd go for a Hover-Round myself

Wheelchair = Still needs both hands to operate.

MrBond007_fml 6

Both hands, or just one good friend. Wheel chairs are the best, you never have to wait in line anywhere, which doesn't make sense, since your the only one sitting down.. But still, they are awesome.

The FML's have been so repetitive lately. :/

BeforeItWasCool 12


SenselessPattern 12

Well, there have been three "I left the hospital FMLs" in like the last 2-3 days. There was the one where the guy left and got mowed down by emergency personnel, the one with a guy that had his dad hope his other leg was broken when he fell leaving the hospital, and now this one. So by similar FMLs you mean a hospital was involved, then you'd be right.

Don't worry, OP.. Sometimes life compensates for bad luck.. I'd buy some scratch cards if I were you (and then get someone else to scratch them)

Glue the cruthes under your arm pits and that will give you a free hand. Only kidding. Make your mum a temporary slave. Get wellsonn

When I read that last sentence, I thought of Shorty from Scary Movie saying "Get well son!"

At least you didn't break them, right? It would really suck to have to be wheeled around everywhere.