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  Oh_No_Not_Him  |  25

Do I really need to spell this out? OK then:

1) There is a stereotype, myth, cliché, call it what you will, that women stop giving head to a guy once they marry him.

2) The OP wants to convince her ex- that they are not married.

3) In view of 1), if the OP gives him head then he will realise that this woman must not be his wife and therefore that 2) applies.

It was not intended as a practical solution to the situation - hence the ;-)

Edit - sorry #12, this was @ #8

By  Brightwaters  |  2

I would make absolutely sure he's not right. (For example, make sure he didn't neglect to file a part of the paperwork or something.) If he's not accepting the fact of the divorce, he may have directly tried to prevent it as well.