By Anonymous - 24/03/2011 07:29 - Australia

Today, I was chosen to MC a function at work. I developed a terrible case of hiccups which made the audience giggle and groan for the duration of my time on stage. FML
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You don't have to go spastic. It may be tough to stomach but I don't think you will be asked to help with any public speaking events. Just swallow your pride and move on.

cookies61889 15

shit always happens at the wrong time


^fail isn't it the mc's job to make the crowd laugh? when I hosted the oscars I told jokes about dead babies, it was a hit.

ifyouseekamy666 0

still I hate getting the hiccups my mom said I've gotten the hicups since she was preggers with me o.o

RedPillSucks 31

Damn your sexy what? I hate when people pause for dramatic effect!!!! "Today, someones sexy stuff got damned, and I'll never know.... FML"

16 - stop being a copycat... youre not Ken block...

*hic*k you all! for *hic*ing here with me. I had an *hic*ing time with you all! I hope I'm *hic*ing you again soon and you *hic*ed with your partners and friends here tonight. what would the audience think?

A7X_LoVeee 10

Where's the peanut butter when you need it?

I'm preparing for you, have you left your place? I'm waiting.

if you don't care then don't comment, do you think it makes you look cool when you say that? cause it makes you look like a total f**king douche.

no he is not a douche, he or she is right it does make for an intresting story. hater

No he/she is probably just commenting to be the first person to comment or something

at least you were making people "giggle". sometimes its okay to look like an idiot as long as people laugh.

bowchickawowbone 0

A permanent way to stop hiccuping is to hold your head under water for three minutes, take 3 long breaths still in the water, and then hold your head underwater for 5 more minutes, and no more hiccups!

ifyouseekamy666 0

uhm that means not breathing for like 8 minutes so ud like die..

Well it made me laugh.... :) there is no need to hurt people's feeling by saying their joke was unfunny, that's just cruel. Worse that stealing candy from babies or eating a dog with 3 legs..

28, are you Charlie sheen? because I sense some bipolar shit going down in your head. on the comment just above this, you chewed some guy's ass off all because he said "cool story bro". I'll admit the joke was lame but you raged. yet, here I see a smileyface..

you guys are just trying to pickup a fight.

70, we're not trying to pick a fight. if you think that's true, then maybe you should stay out of it next time. just saying.

I was right. did you just get out of a **** up?

hahaa dude you know I'm ******* with you right? ah, you havent seen my comments before since I've been banned. well, you must be fairly new to FML. I'll let Persian hop in here at any time an tell you what's up.

83, there is no 28 on this thread -.- *drizzles sizzling hot syrup in 83's eyes*

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or 83 just forgot who he was talking to.. happens all the time.

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cookies61889 15

shit always happens at the wrong time

haha that's not an fml. atleast they weren't booing you?

all I said was atleast they're not booing you!

mods are becoming power crazy. not the first time I sawa perfectly fine comment get modded. oh s*** they could mod this and make me look like a total idiot D:

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kinda* and maybe they have a hiccup fettish o.o

cicpjaky 6

shoulda said "**** all yal!!!"

later he might have had the microphone shoved up his ass with a major hiccup following. the end . *curtain falls* *applause*