By Renter - 24/03/2011 14:54 - United States

Today, I received a bill for damage to my old apartment. The same damage caused by the maintenance guy when he came to fix the pipes about a week before I left. FML
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Give him the bill.

Return to Sender!!


Give him the bill.

Maybe you should start winning...

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17, since you are copying him, you obviously thought it was funny enough to do the same thing. So shut the fuck up.

Ooh, look at the 12 year old go! Xravak, I think you're a little too young to be offering opinions here. Hell, if I'm not too wildly mistaken, and I'm not, you're a year too young to even have an account on here.

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I was mocking him, which means I thought he was funny? I would like to see the logic behind this.

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Missbunny: Thabb wasn't trying to argue with KaySL, to my understanding.

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sounds like a law suit to me

How about you tell him to repair the hole in your wallet?

hahaha man ur life sucks srry :P

This sounds like the scene from duplex, lol.

Return to Sender!!

heh what he said

I had to deal with a similar incident once, so now I take pictures of the before and after of any work done on my apartment by maintenance, then I report the damage as soon as it's done. I hope it all works out for you.

my parents were charged $5000 in damage at our last place, including "damages" to the blinds that we installed and paid for, and a crack in the driveway from the moving truck being to heavy

Always document so you have proof. Sucks to be you.

I'm sure the landlord did not appreciate a glory hole being installed in your bedroom. I personally think its a stroke of genius and will be doing some DYI this weekend.

Pro tip: Pictures my friend, take pictures/ dates etc next time, they hold up very well in the court of law.

Calling yourself "the maintenance guy" will not get you out of this bill. It will also not get you to "fix the pipes" for the 14-year-old chick that lives three doors over, so take it from me and stop wasting your time.

if you can't get out of paying the bill, then just make sure you keep a spare key, once you've payed the bill break in to the house, fuck it up beyond belief, and then quietly leave and go on with your life

did u recommend breaking into ur own house with a spate key