By Sapphirlinda - 03/07/2010 23:25 - Netherlands

Today, my friend told me I'm not welcome in her house anymore. I've spent the last two months painting and doing it up for her, because she's pregnant and couldn't herself. I just finished the job. FML
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Doesn't sound like a friend to me.

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Maybe you did a shit job -- ever think of that?

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You make a good point #6

Ali_Br_fml 33

I smell someone being USED!!!

What a biatch. What you did was a nice gesture, bad or not she should show some appreciation.

ZoroFresh 0

fire can solve your problem

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on a serious note: now you know she's a bitch that you shouldn't be fuckin with

Remo_Rockin 0

beat her future child with a bat while shes still pregnant... it'll teach her AND future generations your the one that's CRAZY

TP and egg her house. Also, paint "bitch" somewhere on the outside of her house. 

lol pregnacy mood swing.

Maybe she just wanted to say, "Get the hell off my lawn!" I know I want to say that.

I agree with 10 - I'd be taking her off the 'friends' list.

smear shit on her walls.... baby green works best

No, didn't do a shit job!

sukhdeep 4

good point 6 lol yep

charge her extra for the job and start smoking around her

stewpididiot 11

did she catch you sniffing her laundry ?

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31 is right.. pregnant bitches be crazy!

bitch ! emo women like that always have miscarriages. hope she does.

whyy would she say thaat

you probaby slept with her husband. she's not telling the full story.

Usually, OPs try to make it seem like they did nothing wrong.

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I was thinking the same thing hsha

Why the hell do teenagers double random letters now? Thiss looks sso sstupiid. Are you hissing?!

wow you're super cute #2

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It's a way of trying to type like you woukd talk. Like drawing out certain letters in a word.... or it's a typo. Who can tell?

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47- Itt Roxx !

palatapus 0

Doesn't sound like a friend to me.

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Used. Don't be so pathetic next time.

22cute 17

Sounds like you left out a BIG chunk of information. Like what you said or did to make her abandon your friendship.

djaeb2001 3

what a bitch!

Does she have stairs because I suggest you promptly boot her ass down them.

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ARE THOSE PIERCINGS REAL????!!! HOLY HELL! that mustve hurt lika bitch

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HOLY SHIT DUDE!!!!!! where the heck has 32 been? it's 2010 the dimples and numerous lip piercings are quite generic nowadays. even the preppy ones are doin it in some places!!!!!

Yeah, really. They don't hurt too badly though. It all depends on your tolerance for pain.

Permanent facial scarring FTW!

sloop_fml 0

you must be a shitty painter

green_eyes124 0

eh, pregnant women are just moody, but for good reasons! just give her a few days and shell call you bawling and just needing someone to talk to hehe if not, then she's a horrible "friend" : )

And if she does just hang up without saying a word after hello

Well, did he pay you?

If the father would have been known that'd be an option. So far, father is undisclosed.

No payment was received. Just a thank you on facebook. Whole point of me helping was because she doesn't have money to pay people to do it.

Just remember that you were a great friend to her. On the other hand send her a bill.

wow... she's a slut too XD

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Damn well don't quit your day job.