By kitkat3308 - United States

Weirdo freak

Today, I found out that my controlling, verbally abusive ex-boyfriend from nearly four years ago is still obsessed with me. Apparently, he's told everyone back home that he and I are getting married as soon as I finish college. We haven't spoken in over two years. FML
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  bryguy89  |  10

I'm confused what he could be reported for. Maybe slander for making up stories about her? The OP says they haven't spoken for 2 years so he's not exactly harassing her directly. Maybe I just don't understand the law but I don't get why everyone is calling for a restraining order.

  KushCrushin89  |  10

Yeah that sucks for the op, but he's not doing anything legally wrong. I support the op's side but there's nothing that can be done really, aside from clearing up the rumors herself.

By  jasmine2301  |  25

Restraining Order.

  jw90  |  18

Buy a shotgun, show up at his doorstep and tell him that if he doesn't stay our of your life that gun is going up his ass and you're pulling the trigger. Or since violence is never the answer, you could try a diplomatic solution. I opt for the first.

  psiloveyou15  |  12

The moment I turn 21 I'm getting my concealed carry, although my dad allows me to keep one of my pistols in my room for self defense. I will never be caught off guard by an intruder or crazy ex boyfriend.