By Just keep the pins - 25/12/2016 17:50 - Sweden - Floda

Today, it's been 2 months since I broke up with my boyfriend. He's been texting me every time he found a bobby pin at his house that belonged to me, saying we should both see it as a sign of us belonging together. If he keeps this up every time he finds one, the texts will probably never stop. FML
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If you respond, or haven't blocked him (and you haven't or you wouldn't get messages/calls) then you're just leading him on. Close that correspondence (and relationship) completely. He'll grieve and carry on more quickly.

Just tell him to make like a pin and disappear. :)


His logic seems impeccable. He sees the sign and it opens up his eyes. That's just straight up Ace of Base, one of your national treasures. How can you say no? Of course, you could trump him with some old-school ABBA!

Love your profile! Are we great again yet? ahaha you are a genius indeed

If you haven't yet, confront him and tell him to stop. You broke up with him for a reason, I think he should be reminded of that. If all else fails and he's still not getting the point, see if you are able to block his number.

Sounds like he's working through the feelings from the breakup still OP. It can take time depending on how he felt and how long the relationship lasted. If it continues and it annoys you put your foot down and let him know he needs to stop.

Just tell him to make like a pin and disappear. :)

Sure, sure. Bobby pins = a cosmic sign you belong together. The conscious decision you made to end things = eh, too vague to interpret. Let's stick to rationality and evidence, like the bobby pins.

Your life doesnt suck, you're rx boy friend's life sucks

Prescription boyfriends do have it rough these days.

Break ups are hard on both sides, boyo. I'd say it's harder on Op because they feel bad about breaking up even though they weren't happy in the relationship and now they have their ex harassing them about it.

I'm sorry, OP. That's really creepy and gross. Some people just don't understand that they can't inflict their feelings on others.

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It's a bit creepy.....But you gotta admit, that takes dedication!!

If that is his personality he'd probably say he found one even if he didn't. Scary, you dodged a bullet there. Keep dodging.