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By  davincidasecond  |  33

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  LennyComa  |  24

Totally off topic but what good is money on Mars? Sure she gets away from the stalker and all that, but the point of paying people to go to Mars puzzles me? "Here's $100000 if you go to Mars" "What good is currency on Mars?" "Errrrrrrm" "No deal"

  Fluffydemise  |  24

That money can a do a lot of good down here though. I reckon, either you'd get the money well in advance of your departure so that you could enjoy the benefits whilst still on earth. OR I think this one is more likely, the money will go to there families. I'm sure many peoples lives would be immeasurably changed by a large sum and many fathers would make that sacrifice I think. It seems legit to me.

  LennyComa  |  24

I don't know, They wouldn't see them again. Then again parents say they would do anything for their children to have a better life so maybe they would. If I were a father though I'm not sure if I could ever be paid enough money to never see my Children and Wife again.


Today, my cell phone rang while I was still asleep. I picked it up, half asleep, only to find it was a wrong number from some guy. Three minutes later I receive a text message saying "Hey, you sound cute..." from the same number. I looked to see if he was local. I'm that desperate. FML

By paprgrl421 - / Wednesday 13 May 2009 17:14 / United States
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