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Today, I was at work in a lab. I spent all day growing a large bacterial culture. I went to retrieve it, only to find that someone had turned the incubation shaker up too high, and my flask had flown off and shattered. Not only did I lose all my work, but now the whole room is a biohazard. FML
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OP - I call Shenanigans! I work in a microbiology lab, if you were working with anything that was above a category two organism then this wouldn't be possible as there would be far too many precautions in place. You say Biohazard, I say Bullshit. Break out the disinfectant and stop whining.

  Gingerly  |  0

Um, Maybe he was talking about a school lab, you spill any type of infectious organism in a school lab and it's considered a biohazard because they don't want students to get sick, even if its something pretty harmless.

By  serenachicka  |  1

That sucks. >_>
You should complain.
I don't know why people are saying you deserve it.
They're probably saying that because you just left it there, but it'd be stupid if you took it around with you, so no idea why people are clicking that...

  bexox  |  0

What are you talking about they just left it in there. She left the bacteria in the incubator to keep it at the best temperature so it would grow faster.
People are probably picking YDI b/c she didn't check the settings before turning the shaker on.

  blalien  |  0

Maybe multiple people use the incubator, and one person turned it up before putting in his sample.

If not, then yeah, YDI for not checking the settings.


Lol it was more a proof-reading error than a grammar issue to. If #5 had written "I'm planning to GO into" instead of "I'm planning to into", that would have corrected the whole thing

  TreeHustler  |  0

FML or not, this is an experience. FML's are experiences, if you want to be a dumbass and learn from your own mistakes instead of others, that's your choice.

  firefaery  |  0

That's pretty much the exact thought process I had, lol. But, most likely, such a thing could be cured by antibacterials. That's why it's a virus in the movie. They're harder to control and cure. Especially when it turns it's victims into the living dead with voracious and cannibalistic eating habits.

By  saze_fml  |  0

Sorry darling, but YDI. The shaker would have to be set pretty bloody high for this to happen and you should know to start off low and turn it up gradually, at least I hope you do NOW lol! Still sucks though

  dolphingirl  |  0

um, you don't turn it up gradually, every shaker I've used slows itself down when opening and gradually speeds itself up. Most of the shakers i've used were pretty ancient and it was always impossible to get the flasks to sit in just right, so i'd seriously beat the shit out of whatever idiot turned it up that high.