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Today, I rear-ended a car on the parkway. We pulled over, the guy told me his car was fine, and then asked me out on a date. It was only when I said no that he decided he wanted his car fixed. FML
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Since he saved you a chunk of money (depending on how bad the damage was) You should have kindly gone on a date with him.

All he wanted was to rear end your bumper if you know what I mean


Shoulda' said yes! Coulda' got out of paying his car AND a free meal! xD Or, say yes and give him a fake number. But when his in a position to cost you a lotta money, never say no!

you rear end him and he offers to take you out? then you say no and now it's FYL? no.

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If you're ever in this sort of situation and you say yes, you'd better be prepare to say yes for a while longer. In Oklahoma, someone has 2 years to make an insurance claim agaisnt you and it could be even longer in other places.

theres a movie about a guy who rear-ended this woman, and she denied him a date and then he tried to kill her. its weiiird.

Do you not speak English, OP? Man, this FML is full of terrible errors.

Is it wrong that i don't see any errors?

1. Asking a girl out who you just met because they rear-ended your car is ******* pathetic and reeks of desperation. 2. Saying yes to a guy to get out of paying money to fix a car would have been just as ******* pathetic. 3. Unless she gets it in writing that the date constitutes reparation for the damage to his car, he can decide to sue her later. 4. Who's to know that the creep won't stop at just wanting a date?

saying no is a cocktease...kind of like wearing a revealing outfit is an excuse for rape (meaning IT ISN'T, you ignorant *****). i hope you're joking.

82's got it dowwwn, saying better than I did.

#82: 1. Yup 2. Nope, it's effin crafty! >=] 3. Like anyone would sue their date... 4. That's a risk you have to take with ANYONE you date

106, I hate to break it to you, but there are some crazy ass mofos out there. Plenty of people would sue their date.

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And then the date could have ended with him trying to pressure her into doing something she didn't want to do. You can't say you would've done the same in her situation

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Since he saved you a chunk of money (depending on how bad the damage was) You should have kindly gone on a date with him.

Bullshit. She doesn't owe the creep piss, least of all a date. OP, you did the damage, pay for it, and at least you have your dignity. Don't lower yourself just to escape responsibility, and especially not for a dick who tries to corner someone like that because he can't get a date otherwise. What a loser.

I agree. He was willing to spare you a lot of time and money. The least you could of done is gone to dinner with the guy. YDI

So what #13 is saying, either be a dick and stand up a man who was nice to you and saved you money. The man wasn't PUNISHING her for saying no, he was willing to let her off as a lead in for a date, but there's no reason he should still lose out without even that. I mean, come on! She should have gone on a date with him, or she shouldn't have made a big deal about then having to pay for the damage she did. OR, better yet, she should learn to drive and not actually crash into people.

Why should she have gone on a date with him? He's obviously a jackass. He IS punishing her for not going on a date. "Oh, you won't? Shame... Oh my what's this? Seems you've horribly ruined my car!" Basically, he said "I'll let you off the hook but only if you date me." How the hell is that an OK way to ask someone out? That's CORNERING her into a date. That's no different than blackmail. He wasn't being nice, he was trying to BUY her off, like she was a prostitute with no sense of pride. She. Owes. Him. Nothing. And any chick who goes "Well, he DID do this for me" as a reason for a date is a stupid twat with no self respect. So if I were to pay for your meal one day, does this mean you're obligated to go on a date with me? If I were to let you into an R rated movie since you were turning 17 next month, it's your duty to go out with me? What ****** up logic is this? Yes, "one good turn deserves another" but that's out of line. This is more like "If I do you a minor favor you HAVE to date me." How about instead of going on that date because of the meal I paid for, you just help me get my food into the car? How about instead of going out with me because I let you slip through the system, you just buy me some snacks because my shift has been going on for a while? How about instead of letting this loser corner her into a date, she just pay the ******* money she owes, or instead offers an alternative way of paying him back? She shouldn't have to stoop to his level just because he did her a "favor" which was obviously just a ruse to try and get in her pants. I'm willing to bet if she weren't "pretty" or something that he would have never thought about doing his "good deed" and may have bitched her royally the **** out. So much for being a nice guy!

Tirade much? I like #13's thinking. She does owe him the damages to his car, but no romantic interest or whatever. So if she didn't want to pay, then could have given him a single dinner or lunch or whatever. He's not asking for your hand in marriage or bedtime or even a game of footsies. YDI though if you were "at fault" for the accident, otherwise you lucked out. Probably not in the looks department though.

You don't do a good deed and expect something in return. The guy is obviously a jerk. She does not owe him a date. And okasmart-assss you'rright, shehe does owe him monelmaoao...

number 8, you're an idiot, she rear ended his car. of course she owes him something, specifically MONEY. The OP turned down the date and now must pay with money. That's her own damn fault. And that does not make this guy a creep, she was the one that rear ended him

Yes it does make him a creep because he tried to get her to date him with a false "good deed." We call that being a creep. The fact that when she turned him down he suddenly took it back just proves it. If you had truly read my post, by the way, you would have noticed I said "pay for it" in it. Fail you on, good sah.

I don't care if he's a creep. I mean seriously, I'm not suggesting that they get married, have sex or start seeing each other. One lousy dinner. I mean, she eats right? Whats the problem? She owes him SOMETHING for crashing into his car and getting him stuck with the bill.

Yeah, the /money/... that's the only thing she owes him. She has to pay for it, or at least part of it, because she's at fault, he's not "stuck with the bill" or anything. He was only willing to spare the money on the grounds that she goes out with him. That just shows he's not worth the time and she does owe him anything beyond the money.

You can call the guy a creep #55 but hes not a jackass or an asshole for what he did like you try to put him out to be. If you look at this qualitatively, he was offering a trade. Pay for the damages and take the insurance hikes or go out on a date with me. For most people, they would rather spend the time to eat a free dinner with some random person than to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages. Turned out for the OP, going on a date with this guy would be worse than paying up all that money, and so things turned out evenly for them. She hit his car, and she pays the damages. The guy was offering up an alternative way to pay him back that most people would have seen to be less severe and so therefore he was being nice.

I still don't see how it's nice. If he was nice, he wouldn't have made her pay even when she said no. Again, you're not being nice or kind with favors if you expect something in return. To quote what I said in another post "He was basically "threatening" her that he would make her pay if she didn't go out with him." Not very nice t'all. And if he's definitely a creep, how is he nice? lol...

No, see, what makes it him cornering her is that he DID basically say that. When she said no, he took it back. Nothing wrong with him asking her out, as I said in another post he can't help it if he finds her attractive, but since he using the pay as a bargaining chip, then it just makes him a desperate loser.

Actually.. She does owe him the damages she made while crashing into him. So.. she does owe him something.

How the hell is he a creep for trying to make the most out of a crappy situation? What do you expect him to do? cry? yell? scream at the OP? Seriously what?

How the hell is he a creep for trying to make the most out of an accident? What do you expect him to do? cry? yell? scream at the OP? Seriously what?

It's simply a trashy thing to do and seems pretty fit-throwy. "Oh she won't go out with me well fine bitch then **** you pay the bill." At the other guy, I don't know how you think this is making the most out of it. He showed the girl he's a jerk. Yeah that works real well as a pick up [facepalm]. No I don't expect him to piss himself. He can easily ask her out while giving her the bill, or waive it anyway, or just say nothing at all. Oh and I think we have all forgotten (we including myself) that it's not the damages she had to pay... he said there were no damages, his car is fine, not that she didn't have to pay the bill. Then, he suddenly decided that it wasn't so fine when she rejected him. It sounds to me like it was probably something minimal (scratches?) that he decided at the moment he didn't get his way to make a huge deal out of. Though I guess people freak the **** out over little things too when it comes to cars so "minimal" is all in perspective... but that is how it sounds; that there wasn't anything wrong up until he got a negative response.

Again... nothing wrong with him overlooking shit just because he likes her, but it is really childish of him to go "**** you" just because he got rejected. And, no, I've never thrown a hissy fit over rejection... yes it happens but that doesn't mean it's all right. That's what makes him a jackass. How don't YOU get that...?

dude. honestly, it's not your problem. it's nice to think that your sense of honor is offended by this guy on the highway, but you're carrying it too far. and also, what you're saying is just your opinion not concrete fact, so don't act like it is. prick.

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I think the main problem here comes down to the definition of "date" If you're the sort who has sex on the first date then, yes, his offer is blackmail and highly offensive. To me though a "date" is mearly some social time spent getting to know one another, share a meal & some conversation. Even a kiss is optional depending on attraction. A date is not an offensive thing at all. It just sounds like to me a lot of females are "cornering" themselves with their expectations of what a date means. Relax! You never OWE anyone affection or physical intamacy.

He COULD HAVE saved her a chunk of money, but OP stupidly turned him down and now has to pay. You never know, it could have been a great story to tell the kids! "Your father and I fell in love when I rear ended him and he asked me out on a date!" :p Should have tried it out, OP!

I would have said yes. You must have realised what the guy was up to, surely.

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no its not her fault she didnt choose her cromozones

You should have said yes then stood him up haha