By crunkdrunk - 31/05/2009 05:48 - United States

Today, I woke up with a hangover after an intense night out. I decided to look at my camera to figure out what happened the night before. All my pictures were deleted except one video of me dancing to Lollipop by Lil Wayne, and giving a lapdance and head to my giant plush rat. FML
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cheese1756 0

Since when did giant plush rats have genitals?


Allison_H 0

Holy shit is that the Grinch!? *slips off of roof* *lands on windshield of truck below* HOLY CHRISTMAS BALLS! But no seriously, the OP is made of win. That is the greatest shit I've ever read.

BoWZeR 1

how could u tell what song it was by just looking at a picture if it was a video ok this is so fake queer

10_4Franky 0

Hey retarded ****, read the comment again.

Maybe you should get so drunk so you can remember....

xcrunner_725 4

why the hell do you have a giant plush rat

so this is where Miley Cyrus got her Superbowl video idea from!! You had it 4 years before her, maybe you can sue? But than you have to show the video in court... the millions might not be worth the humiliation

how exactly does one give head to a stuffed doll. then again you there is a large variety of care bear sex toys

cheese1756 0

Since when did giant plush rats have genitals?

i typically would'nt say this but man i wish i was a rat lol

ilovefmlife 0

She's a girl... Maybe you'll be needing some glasses? :)

she probably thought the rat's long nose was a penis either that or the tail

What do you want for your birthday ? i was thinking maybe a giant plush animal , you know like that you can lapdance and give them head all you want. Its great i know once a crazy drunked girl did it .

You completely deserve it - you did all those things yourself. The alcohol just helped you along. Know when to stop.