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Today, I drove two and a half hours to a job interview. The interviewer never showed up or called. I sat in the hotel lobby waiting for an hour and a half. Even the hotel staff said they felt sorry for me. FML
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Reminds me of what happened a few months ago. I got called down to my 1st job interview, and was exited about getting my 1st job. Whene I got to the fruit market, my employer wasnt there. Turns out she was at home and forgot about the interview and she rescheduled it for a week later and she said she'd call when she wanted me to come in for the interview. a week and a half passes and no call. I call in. She hired someone else and forgot about the 2nd interview....again.

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Who the hell would vote "you deserved that one"??


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that's unfortunate. better luck next time.

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Who the hell would vote "you deserved that one"??

aww some ppeoople are so rude sorry 2 hear that

That's odd. I've never been to a interview where it was held anywhere but the place of work, but then again, I've only had one interview in the past 6 years. Although I did have a friend who interviewed at a restaurant off-site from work, but the reason for that was, the business was run out of the owner's house.

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I've taken people out for lunch for interviews on several occasions. If that's what time works out best for them (i.e. they already have a job), it works out well for the potential employer and potential employee. It's also somewhat clandestine if they're putting it in their schedule. "Lunch with John Smith" sounds better than "Interview with John Smith at Smithco." :-)

I had a second interview for a corporate position for AT&T at a hotel because the job was located out of state and the interviewer happened to be on a business trip and just an hour away from where I was located.

That really bites. I hope you later than called the interviewer and told them how unprofessional they were.

Sorry to hear that... but did you confirm? Better luck next time.