By Noname - United States
  Today, I was on the internet with my Dad looking up information about allergies. I began to type 'allergies' into the Google Search Box and as I typed 'a', the phrase 'amazing sex positions' popped up as a search I had already looked up. My Dad asked me if any of the positions worked out. FML
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By  GladstoneK  |  0

What's the problem? If you've looked up filth on the internet, you're using it for the purpose intended. Be proud! ESPECIALLY if you're female :oD If so, my number is....

By  Zero09  |  0

I remember when I was like 10 and I didn't know how to clear this stuff or that it even existed. Then my dad was looking through the temporary files for some reason and all these images came up. I just denied everything.

I agree with #19, your dad is awesome for being so cool about it.

And I wouldn't immediately dismiss this as fake. This really does happen. You'd be surprised at how computer illiterate some people can be.