By lxygrl - United States - Phenix City

Are you?

Today, I was told I have kidney stones, kidney infections, and a bladder infection and that I have to get admitted into the hospital. I let my boss know, and she replied, "But you're still coming in for your shift tonight, right?" FML
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  1known  |  29

Clearly op needs some days off.

But if you don’t need surgery and your kidney stones go away naturally, you can go back to work straight away.
Kidney stones are extremely painful as long as they are not gone or you don’t have pain med.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  32

"I have kidney stones, and they're also infected, along with my bladder."
"Okay. Make sure you're here on time. We're pretty busy."
"Actually, I have to have both my legs amputated."
"Sorry, we don't have room for chairs. You'll still have to stand."
"This is OP's mother. She sadly passed away last night."
"Tell her she's suspended without pay, has been docked a week's wages, and she can come back in when she apologizes, and provides a doctor's note."


I was making fun of people who don't know, or care, when others are sick. This is probably a global thing, but I'd guess that a lack of compassion and/or understanding isn't very common. If you were talking about the extortionate costs of healthcare, then I have no idea, but America is the country that comes up the most when compared to countries that have far cheaper health plans.