By Hairball - 01/09/2009 18:05 - United States

Today, I realized the person I had been habitually stealing bag lunches from at work made me a canned dog food sandwich. FML
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gigi37 0

Well, that's what you get for stealing someone else's food. What, were you too lazy to make your own? It's not that expensive to get a dollar hamburger Are you really expecting sympathy on here?


suaveneanderthal 0

You're lucky i would of put shit in it, because you are what you eat.

Alyakkayla 0

Not only shit but some laxatives would have made it better.

looks like the joke's on you, says this observer

I would have put shit in it, too. If I weren't so unconfrontational though I'd have found out who was doing it and punched them in the face.

LMAO. YDI, BIG TIME! HAHA. Next make your own lunch and maybe him one too, as an apology.

justdancebbyx3 7

YDI you ****** sammich stealing bastard

I wish this would happen to me. I would lace the sandwich with epicac so not only do they vomit a whole bunch, I'd know which ****** it was. Epicac sandwich is a win-win.

no_tengo_dinero 0

I have a friend who's parents (who worked together) actually went out and gathered dog shit, mixed it with some mayo and what not and made sandwiches. When they were stolen, as always, they left a note for the thief that read "To the person that's been stealing our lunch, hope you enjoyed the dog-shit sandwiches yesterday!" Never had a problem again.

yeah, could have been horse poo like Mighty Ducks 3

make your own sandwich, ass. to bad it wasn't a **** meat sandwich, which we all know u love

**** that- i wouldve put cyanide in the thing

^^^^^^the source of sammich jokes^^^^^^^

I did that too in third grade but i made cookies and soaked them in tabasco overnight. epic win

They say you are what you eat. I'm sorry, but I don't remember eating a SEXY BEAST this morning.

Okay, what is this, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? You're stealing other people's lunches. WOW

#7 I would have put "special mayo" in it.

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how does that excuse stealing someone's lunch? its not okay to steal someones lunch every day and use your "pride" or lack of money as an excuse..

Consideration of why he was stealing? What a sack of shit. No matter how you spin it, he's still stealing food from another person and thereby needlessly putting them in the position he'd have been in otherwise: nothing to eat. This isn't the wild, this is what should be a professional setting. When you work like this guy obviously is, you budget to include food. It shouldn't take a genius to realise that. Stealing is inexcusable and he deserved a much nastier trap, something that would give him horrible gastrointestinal trauma.

maybe the guy brown bagging it is struggling financially too, and can't afford to buy lunch from out or bring another brown bagged lunch. the op totally deserved it

#119, did you ever consider that maybe the person who the OP stole food from has money troubles? Maybe that lunch they packed was all they could afford, and after the OP stole it, they had no food and no money to go out somewhere and buy more. Also, would you say it was justified if someone ate a restaurant, and then just walked out without paying because they were too poor to afford to pay for it, and 'too proud' to take charity? If not, explain to me how that's any different from stealing someone's lunch at work.

That's a load of bull. How can you defend him? He has a job, and there is plenty of places to get food for cheap. Plus, if he has money for a computer to post this on FML, I'm pretty sure he has money to bag a simple bagged lunch. He was stealing because he was lazy and thought he could do whatever he wanted, adn he thought he could get away with it because his co-worker hadn't taken any action to do anything about it until now. I don't know what in his mind made him think he would get any sympathy, but he wont get much from here..

uh, you had it coming? i dont see how this is an FML, its more of an epic win for the person whos lunch you stole.

Er, Mr.Pentameter, using your logic, as I'm a bit short on money and am too proud to get a minimum wage job, it would be acceptable for me to start mugging people or robbing banks. In this case, there is NO reason to be doing so - there has to be some kind of vending machine or store nearby. But yeah, this is the textbook example of a YDI.

@119 maybe the other person was the same way. so fyl for having a nonfunctioning brain

#118 If he has a job, he has money and no reason for stealing.

gigi37 0

Well, that's what you get for stealing someone else's food. What, were you too lazy to make your own? It's not that expensive to get a dollar hamburger Are you really expecting sympathy on here?

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Its like a school bully, 10 years in the future. THAT'S SICK.

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it's not expensive. to get a dollar hamburger. good job. I didn't know that.

Baguette666 12

I would've done way worst than dog food, lmao

How could you possibly not deserve this? Good for them. Seriously, that's some smooth thinking.

Personally would've used some lycasin gummy bears (HARIBO) for this punk -.-

Do you go to Wren High? If so, hope you liked your lunch, ******.

Ah, ****. I didn't see where it said "at work." I did this to some punk at my school a few days ago.

**** off dudeitsdanny how do you know if they did or not?

You totally deserve it.... and you deserve to be fired. My office will fire anyone stealing anybody's stuff out of the refridgerator. YDI, you poor excuse for a human being.

He never claimed to be a human being. I understood he was upset about the DOGfood cuz he was a cat. Don't jump to conclusions

magnetic_aura 26

I agree with you, until you described OP as a poor excuse for a human being. That was a bit harsh, in my opinion. But, overall I agree that OP sucks.

dancingdoggy 4

I bet the guy who made the sandwich is actually the one who wrote this, to see how many people would be against the sandwich thief and say he deserved it.

the_stereotype 0

usually the case with these obvious YDIs

the_stereotype 0

this guy is kind of a genius though for that idea. although...i probably would have made the theif a knuckle sandwich.

Honestly if you liked the guys sandwiches so much you could have just offered to pay him to you make you one =P, but you totally deserve that for making someone go without lunch multible times

That's what you get for continuously stealing that person's sammiches


Go make me a sammich dammit! JK ;P OP- YDI, completely.

Do I need to explain to you that YDI or do you think you're able to figure that one out yourself?