By Jake Leiter - United States - Grantham
Today, for what has seemed to be the hundredth time, my labeled bagged lunch was stolen from the fridge at my workplace. I stormed into my boss's office ready to complain, only to find him eating it. FML
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I agree. That is actually theft. It may seem insignificant, but many people cannot afford to have their lunch stolen every day. An old science teacher of mine had a pet snake and she kept frozen rats in the teacher's lounge fridge to feed the snake. She was tired of her lunch getting stolen so once day, instead of putting her lunch in a her lunch box, she put a frozen rat in it. Her lunch was never stolen again.

By  RopeRodent  |  4

spike your food with an entire bottle of tabasco and chilipowder.

Alternatively do as others say, add a large amount of laxatives into the food.
Bonus points if it's Taco Bell or something similarily spicy. Make him experience true hellfire out of his "exhaust pipe"!

He'll never steal your food ever again. You might get fired for it, but personally I think it'd be worth it.

  RopeRodent  |  4

Some bosses are vindictive bastards. Just because they have a higher position, they think they can treat their workers like trash.

I bet OP's boss is that type of person.

  RopeRodent  |  4

Besides, OP's boss now knows that OP knows.
Guess we'll see if he gets to keep his lunch to himself from now on.
Otherwise it's bombs away with the tabasco.


I know this is kind of different, but in high school one of my friends got his lunch stolen from his locker everyday. (Post 9/11 bullshit in the name of safety meant we didn't get locks). One day he decided he had enough and put a ton of laxatives in the lunch and the kid stealing it shit his pants and reported my friend to the school, who then got him arrested for poisoning. He was able to fight the charges, but he still had to apologize to the guy.

  Mike3258  |  18

fired? if anyone's getting fired it's his boss. that shit don't fly at walmart. you do that at walmart you get fired. I know. a coworker was doing the same thing