By Anonymous - 27/10/2010 05:58 - United States

Today, I spent all day handing out flyers advertising my services as a psychic. I got only one call. The caller wanted to inform me that I had misspelt the word "psychic" on my flyer. She was right. FML
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serves you right for trying to con people into thinking you're psychic!

YDI for being a psychic it's a bullshit profession


serves you right for trying to con people into thinking you're psychic!

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i bet you (puts on sunglasses) didnt see it comming

I have a feeling someone called you recently regarding your flier. I also feel that business has been going a little slow for you too. it's ok eventually you will see that anyone can be a psychic as long as they put their mind to it. or you will come to find that you can't do shit and are to stupid to get a real job. that will be $60.

Hmmm, OP maybe you should look into getting a real job...but first learn to spell...

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Spellcheck is a new feature isn't it?

By asking general questions that apply to most people, you can appear to be psychic. I see a white car... and a man in a chair. And a dress... Then the psychic's client will search their memories... and "My mother uses to have a white car! My dad eats at a cafè! I'm married!"

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Yeah, did you misspell 'psychic' as 'fraud'?

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Mispelt, really? I think you meant "misspelled."

Both are actually valid. If we're going to mock the OP, we should do it because they are a con artist or because they do not spellcheck their business fliers, not because they used a non-mainstream spelling in their FML.

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thank goodness someone else caught that :)

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I agree with 16. How do any of you know OP isn't psychic.

have you ever seen the headline " psychic wins lottery" THAT IS HOW WE KNOW

YDI for being a psychic it's a bullshit profession

It isn't a bullshit profession but rather a profession of bullshit.

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haha @createZ how about a compromise! it's both!

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yeah and if he was really a psychic he would have predicted that his life was goin to be a BIG FAIL

If the OP really was psychic, why would she need to put up flyers in the first place? Wouldn't a true psychic already know who needs their services? And a true psychic would of course know their phone number.. I'd like to speak to a psychic.. I'm sitting at home waiting for one to call me.

Who are you to fudge its a bullshit profession?

Well atleast you didn't put "gramer totur". ;)

Your name looks like Mrs-Assy-Pants. Not being rude just funny.

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I thought that was the name too ....Mrs-assy-pants (:

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Ditto. Then when I decided to always read it that way

lol when I read your name, at first I thought it was Mrs. Assy Pants

name jokes aside, spelling and grammar are not the same thing. just sayin'.

157 but it goes with it and besides you call "English" teachers grammar teacher not spelling teacher. (I put English in " just in case). Also I couldn't put a period between Mr and sassypants but I should've capitolized the s.

most english teachers, teaching above third grade level, dobt actually teach or test on spelling. Thats sonetging you're sort of expected to learn yourself.

couldn't agree more. and you're prob a useless hippie on top of it

lol, I'm a 26 year old money-focused materialistic IT-consultant. Are you a "psychic" too? :)

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then you should have known you'd get the call!!!

eye due cpld redding oar mkae siht up wtih cards and can not spelt. lmf

I'm sorry, but what the FUCK did you just say?

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You could have at least bought the English language a drink before you raped it.

Allow me to translate. I understand (though do not speak) idiot. This commenter is not an idiot but was pretending to be for the sake of comedy, and to show that OP is an idiot. "I do cold readings (or make shit up) with cards and cannot spell. FML" All clear now?

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Oh! I know this one! Is it spent? With my luck, it somehow isn't.

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Before you bash someone's attempt to be funny and sarcastic perhaps you would like to use proper grammar. You can start by capitalizing the first letter of your sentences. I know it was hard to see that mistake from so deep in your ass, but that is still NO excuse!

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ilikefmlalot - Around here, stupid is a language. One must study hard to learn how to translate. My interpretation skills are available any time.

Thank you DocBastard. I didn't rape the English language I just slipped something into it's drink. I thought it would enhance the experience. Plenty of people on fml speak stupid. It's all the grammar and spelling Nazi's who correct a post with one mistake to make several of their own.

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This FML gives me some hope that people might not be hopelessly dumb after all.

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Going to psychics is a symptom of being lobotomised, so I would assume psychics are just there to tell the mad scientists who isn't ripe for experimentation.