By Anonymous - 03/04/2012 14:16 - Australia - Sandringham

Today, I realised that I only get dandruff when I'm stressed about having dandruff. Which is whenever I have dandruff. FML
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Ardos 3

To break the cycle, you must forget about what dandruff is.

K_kanaka 26

That sounds very......frustrating.


OP that really sucks! :( confusing and unstoppable...

It's a vicious unending cycle.


don't worry, be happy haha

Yeah, unstoppable......they've never come up with that secret dandruff shampoo....

and the vicious circle continues

Haiana04 3

Head and Shoulders shampoo, That is all ^_^

Damn_Hippster 11

Head and Shoulders!!

shadowblade525 3

The OP's like a walking paradox

Head and Shoulders FTW. It makes my hair all nice and soft :)

Yo dawg, I put some dandruff in yo dandruff so you can dandruff while you dandruff

If op only gets it when they are worried about it and they're only worried about it when they have it, they never would have gotten it in the first place. :O

Head and Shoulders is actuallu worse for black people. I got to find that out personally.

K_kanaka 26

That sounds very......frustrating.

olpally 32

It's a vicious circle op is in... Google it to find out what you can do about it :/ fyl for sure op :(

It's called a catch 22. Another example(and one that would never be used): I need a job to buy a car. I can't get a job because I don't have a car to take me there.

very frustrating. i feel OP's pain. i have dandruff and i'm allergic to head and shoulders.

hawaiianfire 0

43 Unless OP is part of a vicious dandruff support group, I think it's called a vicious cycle.

Dandrufception! Yo dawg I heard you hate dandruff...

Ardos 3

To break the cycle, you must forget about what dandruff is.

marzipanimal 15

I'm not a grammar natzi but damn, you guys need to learn how to spell. It's realiZe, with a 'z'

lolwutpear.jpg and you should learn how to spell nazi

What's a dandruff

Have you ever heard of head and shoulders?

No, Spongebob. Tell us, what is this mysterious "Head and Shoulders"?

46- No idea, I don't think he has either.

cajekraze 7

Use it everyday. It works.

Knees and toes? I spend too much time with little kids... Anyway the shampoo does work pretty well.

The spam of these comments are quite annoying. Every time a FML comes up about dandruff it's all "Get head and shoulders" As someone who actually has to get a prescribed shampoo from the doctors, which doesn't always work, I can assure you, Head and Shoulders doesn't work for everyone.

Head and shoulders is one of the worst shampoos you can use. It's really strong and builds up on your scalp and when you stop using it, you get a shitload of dandruff. Some hairdressers use it strip hair dye from their clients hair...

ken8lk 3

Head and Shoulders actually makes dandruff worse for some people, since it dries out the scalp. Been there, done that.

Try wearing a cap so you won't have to think about your dandruff/hair that much.

A tin foil cap works best.

Ask Troy Polamalu for help


Link5794 18

Yo dawg...

The minute I read this FML I was just waiting to find this inevitable comment.


CuteDumBlonde64 11

This FML is very... interesting

The first rule of getting rid of dandruff is do not talk about dandruff.

The second rule of getting rid of dandruff is, DON'T talk about dandruff.

eatdemcupcakes 4

Combo breaker

^Send godzilla to kill him!

It's a vicious circle, isn't it?