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  thor89  |  0

You can just mess her up say "I love you" and go walking to the beach at night (make it be really far from her house)Then say you're the love of life have really passionate sex with her then in the beach you propose to her and say SIKe slap her in the face with penutbutter or honey (peanutbutter slap) then run to the car leave her show finger and scream FUCK YOU my BED almost broke and say I SLEPT with you're mom that would teach her :).

  colomexparra  |  0

at 1... yeah hes a dick. dont worry she's so bored with you that she is getting her brains fucked as we speak. dont worry shes breaking someone elses mattress right now and will be breaking up with you later aaahhhhaaahhhaa

  WeahNicole  |  0

He's not a dick for feeling how he feels. Although he does need to tell her instead of being fake..

P.S. Why do OP's never reply to comments? I've never seen it, lol.

  WeahNicole  |  0

@Davemania - I just think it would be cooler if they replied more often instead of it just being a bunch of strangers talking about the poster. Plus everyone says something directed at the OP even though they rarely reply or even read it lol. :P

  TempestJones  |  0

Agree with those saying the OP is a dick. If you don't know why, it's because the OP would rather post on FML an insultto his gf who probably has no idea he feels this way. OP if your so fuxking bored, then figure out shit to do (or new positions if it's about sex) to do with her. For those saying she's a fat ass, where does it say that!? He could be the fat one or neither could e overweight. Why is everyone nowadays so obsessed with weight?

By  KurouTenshi  |  0

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  KurouTenshi  |  0

I'm a pretty insensitive asshole.
it comes from being picked on all throughout school.
and hanging out with assholes doesn't help either.
(and I'm gay, so I'm friendly with assholes!)

  jlheinjus  |  0

have sex on the floor, that way your bed is safe and you have time to rekindle your love for her, if you don't love her then ditch her and pick up a hotty from a bar