By fmlguy - 10/12/2010 03:19

Today, I've been considering breaking up with my girlfriend so I don't have to buy her a Christmas present. FML
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Does she have expensive tastes? Or are you seriously that indecent?


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that's a very sad relationship

your are all selfish and greedy if you think that you need presents for a relationship to run ******* hypocritical idiots...

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yea that's pretty efffed up I'm sure at one time you felt strongly for her and even if you don't anymore it's the gesture that counts. have some dignity and respect. (of course assuming her actions have been less than questionable)

haha that's ****** up. if it's cuz you don't have the funds then yes fyl you broke ass bum. but even so, just plan something nice for her. then you score and she's happy and all's well.

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Well, OP. I guess if your that douchey of a boyfriend you would be giving her the best Christmas present right there!

#42 - there's no indication here that the GF is demanding expensive gifts. The FML isn't about materialism, it's that the OP thinks so little of the relationship that he'd break up with her to not have to buy a gift. Oh and while we're at it, piss off anyone that posts about selfish, demanding girlfriends for this one. It's Christmas FFS. Buying your partner a Christmas present is hardly the height of materialism. Unless you're living in a rolled-up newspaper in the middle of the road, STFU with your whining about capitalism, and get back to surfing the net on your new iPhone.

ironically number 1, those were my exact words when first reading this.

dude you can always make her a hand make gift rather than buy her an expensive one. learn how to knit or somthing asshole

^ eww I feel like I'm stalking you lemme take a nap.

what the ***** the point of this FML? your te one considering breaking up with her cause your a tight ass, so...

ya... what all I think off when I read this is. Today I found out I'm a jackass, fml.

what's the big deal if u don't want to give her a present tell her" I can't/won't get you anything for Xmas so plz don't get me anything to" duh haha I do that with my bf mainly cuz I don't have the money but he wouldn't break up with ke if he was debating on gettin me a gift or not maybe u just don't love your gf enough or something? other than that if you do break up with her it would be a Xmas present to her! u should be honest bout the gift thing just tell you u won't get her anything u don't have to break up with her u dbtard

Break up with her; because this just proves that you don't really care about her. :

if you were going to do it you should do it in november so most likely she won't have a gift yet and it isn't obvious you are doing it.

#75 there is also no indication that he thinks so little of the relationship otherwise he wouldn't have put it on fml because he is feeling bad about not being able to buy her a gift hence the fml, hence the weight that is put on everyone by the world to buy a gift for their gf so they can have a stable relationship IMO I would just tell what everyone else has stated just say that we don't get anything for each other I didn't mention capitalism or materialism simply stating that everyone saying that he was broke and he should dump her for her sake can **** off he's obviously thinks she deserves more but can't give it to her hence the fml... I rest my case

Today, OP wins the douche-bag-of-the-year award.

Unless you consider the best gift of all: Dick in a box.

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starile, why would anybody want a boxed OP?

that's probably because ur a self centered asshole who doesn't have a cent in the bank, much like op

you and the op are both giant pile of douch3s:/

pretty sure thats what most men do and then we get em back after christmas. Respect OP.

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f**king loser. just say you can't get her something or get her sex.

istead of buying a huge present put together a basket of a few of her favorite things ( small things ) or make something really special and if she's a great gf then she'll appriciate that.

or maybe he should dump her because she obviously deserves WAY better.

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145, She does obviously deserve better because what kind of decent boyfriend thinks about dumping their girlfriend just to not buy her a present?

Today, I found out that my boyfriend wants to dump me because he's to cheap to buy me a Christmas present. FML Seriously OP? Did you expect pity from us?

Does she have expensive tastes? Or are you seriously that indecent?

Just tell her you don't care about her enough to get her anything. She'll make the decision easy for you

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Your girlfriend should be happy she'll get rid of such a greedy dbag like you. YTDI

I don't understand how wanting to keep money is being greedy? Cheap or selfish maybe, but greedy? No. And you don't know his situation or her expectations.

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All I know is that breaking up is a ridiculous measure to save money. He can explain everything to his gf if he's in some 'situation'. Oh, and nobody here knows the details, except for the OP. So we have to assume.

I am assuming he is too lazy to go shopping for his lover.

Yeah, it would be unreasonable to assume that this is the only criteria he's considering for this decsion. The way I interpret it is that things weren't going well as it was and OP feels a little sheepish that he realized there's an added financial benefit to dumping her now as opposed to later.

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My boyfriend and I have decided to buy each other cheap presents for Christmas. This way we are both happy and not worrying about money.

I never bought my girlfriend a single thing for a present, I just showed her how much I loved her by setting up a romantic date

yeah sometimes a romantic date can mean just as much as a gift does. you still have to spend some money and she gets to spend time with you.

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i agree with u. w.e the situation is, breaking up to not buy a present is a stupid reason.

What if op can't afford to buy her a present?

What the ****... Just make her something. Any half decent girl would love a homemade thing... Whatever that may be. Or just tell her you're broke and agree to not get each other anything.

or just agree on a 10 dollar limit! any girl would be happy with just a rose or something!!!!

Totally agree! i could care less if i got a gift for christmas, but i would still get my bf something as well!

He could cook her a meal or cookies or frame a photo. Gifts aren't worth dumping someone.

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That's your reason for considering breaking up with her, OP? Wow. If that's honestly it, you lack imagination and need help.