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By anon - 21/12/2013 14:13 - United States - Lehigh Acres

Today, my girlfriend and I were having sex. I guess she got bored because she started looking at her nails. FML
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Well if she's not really interested maybe it's time to spice things up! Trust me, there are some fun things to try!

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Ya Like Doing Each others Nails During Sex!:)

Not sure if you're yawning at the numerous "I had sex, but s/he was not interested" FML's posted weekly, but I sure am. I hope these FML's are going to be like the "I spent a whole night on FML, whoops" fml's which automatically no longer get posted.

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#60 Bigger dicks don't always equal better experiences, people get bored of everything eventually....ok, with that said I shall return to the shadows of this webpage....

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60. what 71 said, bigger dicks means nothing. A lot of the times men with a bigger penis have to be careful they don't hurt the woman they're with. In all honesty, not being able to get it in all the way sounds like it sucks to me. Also, all women will say they want a man with a bigger one and the moment he whips it out, they'll run. Well a lot of them would. Lol.

Yes, do better next time! Golden advice, because you, you play to win!

Why did people thumb this down. It's just the honest truth.

How can he do better if his girlfriend won't tell him what she likes?

Time to go anal. You'll definitely get some response then.

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Some guys are just really crappy in bed. I was having sex with a guy one time and I checked my phone various times and he didn't even notice. It was bad for me.

Maybe she shouldn't lay there like a dead fish and it would be better for both of them.

Communication is the best way to go my friend

Lol. I don't think it is a good advice... maybe a Spider-Man will work. .. haha

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When the guy comes on the girls stomach, dips his finger in it, wipes it across her forehead, and says simba...

Is it strange that I have done the same thing as your girlfriend before? For me it wasn't because I was bored, just really easily distracted. It caught my eye at the time that I had removed the polish from all but one nail. I'm a little OCD so this really bugged me. I kept going but damn was I distracted.

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I feel like a person with OCD would stop all together and run out to take off the nail polish...

That probably would have been the case had I not spent the last few years of my life working very hard to control myself so I don't always give in to my compulsive actions. I've learned to go bonkers in my head just long enough to not bother anyone else by letting my crazy show.

Maybe try to spice things up? Good luck though

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Maybe you should try something new people do get bored with the same thing over and over again.