By WeightonmyShoulders - 11/12/2015 21:10 - United States - Canandaigua

Today, I realized that I know, all too well, what it feels like to have my over-middle-age boss's boob on my shoulder. FML
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Head, shoulders, boobs and toes, boobs and toes!

Hoping your boss is a man ;)


Hoping your boss is a man ;)

I don't see how that's any better

The mental image is a lot better if the boss is a man.

Your definition of "better" is skewed.

KhaleesiDannie 26

The feeling of soft and awkward

Head, shoulders, boobs and toes, boobs and toes!

That happened to me before except it was a teacher, I feel your pain

Whyyy the fuck u Lyyin. Why u always lyyin. MmmMmMmM Ooo000oooOooMy God Stop fuckin Lyyin

Oh. Maybe you should make it known that you have a personal space bubble that middle aged boobs aren't allowed to be in

cougar game strong ;)

The same thing happens to me!!! I don't consider it a FML though, my boss's kinda hot, sort of a cougar. Thing is we don't live in the same city...

Tell us more about your situation.

91hayek 31

What sort of job? This could get really interesting if you're a race car driver or quarterback or sniper or fighter pilot.

Not sure if complaining or boasting, I'll go with boasting, well done OP