By thanksmom - 02/02/2011 02:01 - United States

Today, I finally got up the nerve to invite the guy I like to hang out at my house. It was also the day my mother decided that our house is a "pants optional zone," and that she should implement that policy immediately. While he was at our house. FML
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schwancy 2

Her house, her rules.

At least she had her underwear on. Unless its "underwear optional zone" too.


schwancy 2

Her house, her rules.

well this is the perfect opportunity to speed things up without getting in trouble for it.

shoulda taken up the opportunity and took off yours to

pimplayer 0

when can I come over your place? fuck it let's have a party !

Pants off Friday.

runninbrotha 0

haha.... you r in her house though...

listen there's nothing wrong with that... ydi for not joining in the fun

At least she had her underwear on. Unless its "underwear optional zone" too.

You have nice eyes... and I mean that in a none random black guy stalker kinda way

or she was commando

vaguenotvogue 13

I'm from the UK, and 'pants' here means underwear. This FML seemed worse from my perspective..

newjerseyguy 0

lol she wants to see your mans dick

mandasdrey 0

your mom rocks.! consider it as a favor!

sourgirl101 28

I bet he'll be at your house more often.


pants are always optional.

lovexbox 8

exactly ^^

That's correct. Seem's like you were the odd girl out for having them on. Your name is "thanksmom" so I'm assuming it all worked out in your favor.

inb4 threesome

iR0ckSkinnys 3

Lol at least you have a fun loving mother and not one that is serious all the time!! 