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By titsmcgee - 11/02/2015 21:51 - United States - Oak Brook

Today, the CEO of my company leaned over and said, "Hey, I've been meaning to thank you…" I thought he was going to thank me for all of my hard work, but he continued, "…for wearing that shirt today. I can totally see your boobs." FML
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if he was a creep he would have brought a camera to work instead of talking to her

man_in_black08 28

Ya, the op is a creep right?? Why would someone wear a see thru enuff shirt or a shirt with such a low neck line when they know they r gonna be in the midst of senior executives.. Apparently, this exec liked it...

caleb_ohs 8

What the hell is hr going to do? He is the CEO he fire him and get rid of the report.

Actually #82, just because he is CEO doesn't mean he doesn't have someone to answer to. I'm sure a board of stakeholders wouldn't be too happy to hear about the CEO of a company they invest in running around making lude comments to employees.

That's assuming it's a big business. If it's a small, closely held corporation, the ceo could also be the majority or sole shareholder

You should reply "I can totally see you getting fired"

pepsiman404 12

Or maybe "I can see you getting arrested". Sexual harassment is no joke.

It's verbal, so nobody is going to be arrested.

18, yes you can. The CEO of my old company was fired when he told his secretary to lie that he was coming in to work and she eventually got fed up and told the truth. 32, harassment typically is verbal. The idea that nothing will be done because it's verbal isn't wholly true. At the very least HR will keep an eye out, and if word gets out that OP complained, more people might come forward.

@52 not necessarily. If its a big corporation with lots of shareholders, then yeah, the CEO can be fired. However, there are plenty of corporations that are closely held, with maybe only a handful of shareholders that also serve as the board of directors and are employees of the corporation. A corporation doesn't have to be publicly traded nor does it need to be a fortune 500 company. Basically, its very possible that the CEO is also on the board of directors and the majority, if not the sole, shareholder. In fact, this is technically the case more often than it is not.

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Reminds me of Michael from the show the office. Anyways, sorry to hear that OP but you should definitely go take that up with HR.

Have you even seen the office? He would never say that

liquifiednate 21

I have and he would. In the very first season corporate had to send someone over to teach everyone in the office what you can and can't say to people and what sexual harassment really is. Then Michael later found out the only reason why they sent someone over is because they only wanted to teach him what he can and can't say in front of his employees and the only reason why they did it in a group was so he wouldn't be singled out and feel embarrassed.

I was thinking the same thing when I read this FML! @ #5

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Disgusting how people like that can be in a position of so much power... :/

People who cross those lines seriously need to be out of a job.

The board won't agree as long as he's making the big bucks.

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#34 are you the ceo where OP works? because you've been defending him a lot

#34 if the face of your company is doing stupid shit to put the company in a bad light, they will fear losing the big bucks

The problem in this world CEO get away with everything

Tell that to the former CEO of Mozilla (not saying he didn't deserve it)

What happened to him...? (the former CEO of Mozilla)

I think he may be misinterpreting the "50 Shades" thing a bit...

The drama is that the life of hundreds or even thousands families depends on the decisions of people like that.

That's not right. Set it straight OP. Don't feel scared to bring it up to HR.