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  lilmissish  |  6

"It" was a person. Not a thing a person. I get that this is funny. which is is. But if you're referring to the one who passed away please use the correct term.

By  LostInTheZone11  |  28

Talk about deadly gas.

By  askullnamedbilly  |  33

Yes. Coincidence. Maybe have a bit of respect for the patient who died, instead of posting fart jokes about the circumstances of their death on the internet.


Really? A person just died, and he decided to make a fart joke about it. That was probably someone's spouse, parent or grandparent. There's a lot of joking material in hospitals or nursing homes, but death shouldn't be one of them.

  Soloman212  |  28

No, he has a point. I'm sure that the family and friends of this poor old man suddenly feel the painful stabbing at their hearts of an Internet fart joke. Even though it's completely anonymous, the effects are still there. "What is it mother?" "The FML community isn't respecting my father's death! I can just feel it!"

  JBChristian  |  46

Fart joke? I think OP felt horrible about farting and that it may have been the cause of the patient/resident's death, hence why OP posted it on FML. FML is where people generally go to express FMLs, not jokes, and then you have the FML community to crack the jokes.

  SMHsohard  |  22

Got news for you #65; health care professionals make all sorts of inappropriate jokes, all the time. It's how we deal with looking disease and death in the face on a daily basis, while maintaining our sanity.

We just don't usually make them around civilians , because many of you don't understand where it's coming from. Anyone who would joke around like that in front of patients or families doesn't belong in healthcare, but said in the break room? At the end of a long, hard shift? Much hysterical laughter.

  Fuhkyoo  |  17

my grandpa always made jokes about dying, at 80 years old. one of the nurses asked how he was doing and he said "for a second i thought i was gonna make it!" so anyone crying boo needs to get the stick out of their ass, death is an inevitability, whats wrong with making a joke of it once in awhile?

  yscpunkchick  |  14

When you are working in an inpatient healthcare setting, you NEED to be able to find the funny side of things or else you're going to go crazy. I'm sure OP shed a few tears for the patient and their family. The postmortem care should be done respectfully but there is no harm in making a light farted, er... I mean hearted, joke between friends, coworkers, or anonymous people on FML.