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Today, I realized that as a U.S. Marine in the infantry, I'm more afraid to talk to girls than I am of getting shot at. FML
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Ya and a little stupid...but still cute.

So if a girl you like is shooting at you, does that cancel out your fear of girls or am I totally off track?

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oh no, please don't tell me you're like Bruno and would even consider catching grenades for those girls.

Just tell the girls you're in the marines and that should be a good conversation starter. We appreciate your service OP.

LOL at #14 but seriously the fact your in the marines should impress them

I totally agree! That is so darn cute!!

no no 70 its the right bumper not r2 Xbox ftw

Haha same here, op! I'd be way more confortable in a warzone than hanging out with a beautiful girl. :P Youll be alright (:

Umm. Isn't being shot at slightly more risky? I didnt know the us army recruited *******

aww :) kinda reminds me of raj from the big bang theory

< sarcasm > Well, clearly Mr. fcbarca17 is doing really well. He spends his day being a Eurotroll on the internet. We should all be so lucky. < /endsarcasm >

So OP, you realize being a marine makes it rediculously easy to talk to girls. Just be like "hey, I'm Tim, I'm a marine that fights for my country and kills bad people, what's your name?" and it's like insta-wetness

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Let's get a few things straight here; 1. PS3 > 360 2. Big Bang Theory is a terrible show 3. saying is redundant. The / already means end. You don't type [i] [/endi] for italic characters.

87 and op y'all are efin twats how dare y'all even mention the military in such a derogatory manor...

Uhh...Typing < /endsarcasm > is redundant*. I didn't know FML actually thought it was a command.

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-.- Marines. Not Army. And--fun fact--the Army gets a "stress card" in boot camp. Marines don't. (I could be wrong though--my recruiter hasn't been in boot camp for...six? Years. I'm ripping mine up if they give me one.)

149 at least xbox doesn't get hacked and shut down for a week....

Careful pendatik, he might call you an "Efin twat" cuz he doesn't have good "manors"

a week? try those bitches got shut down for a month.

Well, nothing i guess, im pretty sure my IQ dropped 5 points from his very presence though

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That happened twice to. Half of the PS3 customers had their credit/debit card information stolen to. Hmm, do I want someone to steal my information or play games without a worry? Xbox 360 > PS3.

I'm pretty sure saying 'hi I'm a marine' is a great conversation starter. Plus if you fit the mould and are 6ft and ripped I'm sure you'll be fine. It's like anything else OP, just takes a little practice.

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I can't believe that y'all are on here arguing about whether ps3 or xbox is better. You fail.

xbox is way better the controller at least feels right when ur playing and it doesnt get hacked and go down for a month so half the people have to make a new account

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118- say that to OP's face and I'll bet he'll kick your ass

That depends. If I have my 12 gauge or paring knife he will be the next tree in my wood chipper and my pigs get extra food This week, if not, he's going to jail for assault

Xbox fails. The only time Mircrosoft will design something that doesn't suck is when they design a vacuum.

no you just have to return it six times to get one that works . true story bro

lol maybe getting shot at is a bit more risky, but there might be a greater chance of being shot down :P

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How do you go from talking about ACTUAL marines to video games!

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i belive gamecube is the best

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Dude just shut the hell up...

Atari, sega genesis, NES, the key technology in the evolution of video games

Good god, the amount of stupid here is mind blowing. I can't believe I completely derailed the discussion by insulting some kid's favorite console. You guys really are the lowest common denominator.

My original derailing comment was deleted. Looks like the mods are Big Bang Theory fantards.

Maybe if a girl was shooting at you she might not seem so scary. See just combined what you are and aren't scared of. Then again I am pretty scary with a gun myself.

at least he had the balls to join ur a disgrace to our country go move to Canada pussy

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why?! women love a man in uniform!

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As a random US civilian, I'm scared at both

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Ha you weren't! Blood suckin low lifes. Lol :)

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The ones with ****** teeth are. You have to be careful not to run into one of those.

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It's not the girls that are whats scary. It's the feeling of being rejected is what gets most guys. I was even like that at one point, but with a girls help. Not anymore lol. :)

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this just means you're a smart marine.

it's ok op, don't sweat it you'll get over it

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All vaginas are scary. Anything that can spit out something the size of a bailing ball frightens me.... That being said I'm also scared of JLo's ass. Mileys mouth and Any movie Kevin Costner is in... I vomited for weeks after Waterworld

Justin bieber ****** spawns archdemons. Jb is a demonic vessel Satan created to make little girls vaginas tingle while taking over the world with invisible undead beings

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shot u ain't seen a female Marine then

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JB is getting the last laugh, really.

Well girls can be scary. When I was 14 a few years back. I went for a walk around a lake and a bunch of girls my age called me a pedophile for no reason. They looked like normal people. Girls can be really fake.

363 - were you lurking in the bushes during your "walk"?

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Well at least you know what's coming at you when you're being shot at. Girls on the other hand, well that's like a field of daisies booby trapped with mines and what have you.

NOTHING is scarier than a gun, so don't think too much.Just go for it ;)

What about being a POW and getting tortured daily by crazy al kaeda members. That's more scary than a gun.

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Your mother's ******. That is FAR scarier than any gun. ;)

getting a girl pregnant is way scarier than a gun.

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her dad might have a gun though...

You would know since that's all you can get.

Justin Beiber dancing half naked to the song "Goodbye Horses" would be scarier than a gun.

Guns are not scary at all. They're just inanimate objects. Guns are machines with specific operations and purposes. Women, on the other hand, are completely unpredictable.

I side with the op. Have a gun pointed or shot at you isn't scary till after it's all said and done. In the moment, your instincts kick in and you focus on your training. Talking to a woman, you usually over analyze everything and become a bumbling idiot...

and hopefully those girls don't have guns in their pants if ya know what I'm sayin

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I never seen a boners comment thumbed down so much ^

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Yeah don't worrt about it man. A lot of people are like that. You'll get there soon enough. Just be patient.

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Would you **** off fcbarca? Nobody likes your comments.

RouletteRed 6

It's okay we go somewhere in life. Unfortunately trolls don't. They have to stick to bein idiots and slave labor. :|

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It's rather apparent that nobody cares for your pathetic witless comments; so please, just stop making yourself look like an even bigger douche.

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if u dont care why would u even bother to comment? let alone write a paragraph on why you dont care..? haha Americans.....

RouletteRed 6

Cause you're a complete douche that has absolutely no life or friends. We are just tryin to help ya, but it's apparent that you like stayin in your room masturbating to FML's. So we're just gonna let you get back to it. ... Poor Spainiard

So being American makes us this way? It all makes sense now... *sarcasm*

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haha americans r the most ignorant fat stupid people on the face of the earth!! haha every country would agree :)

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60- get the stick out of your ass. Us americans are awesome, so dont be hatin biotchhh.

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hahaha 107 thanks for helping me prove my point

99- that's stereotyping though. Not all Americans are fat and stupid. That's basically like me saying all Spainiards do is drink sangria for every meal, watch bullfighting for all their entertainment, and wear big hats with donkeys roaming your countries dirt roads, while all you Spainiards work just to barely support your family.

RouletteRed 6

Yeah some people here are on the heavy side, but you know what. A lot of them have eating disorders or a slow metabolism. Be a little more caring for the less fortunate. Still regardless of weight, sex, skin color, language all of us get the job done.

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115 haha at least our country isnt trillions of dollars in debt haha spain is richer then fatland or "america" haha my house is prolly bigger then yours;) just face it your country is is on its downhill to shit

Urnm. 116, I honestly don't believe it's your metabolism. I think people are fat because the portions of food consumed by the average person in the US at fast food restaurants is ALOT more than that of a person in European countries. However, it doesn't make this guy any less of a douche for stereotyping.

I'm just pointing out that you're completely stereotyping America. It's not like we can help what kind of shit our government is in so you can't really blame us all.

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127 exactly. Its not our fault we have a shitty president.

fcbarca17 0

136 you elected tge president by voting for him hahaha its 100% ur fault haha wow you people are stupid hahaha

Fcbarca- you need to shut the **** up before I find you.

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Then get the F out of this American website dumb ass All the countries revolve around america

You obviously don't know how our voting system works if you think that all of us voted for him. That just goes to show something else you don't know about America.

dontcha just love comment box arguments :) fcarbera (am I sayin that right?) is quite annoying, but I don't see how the first comment was so bad. he obviously has a bad reputation elsewhere on fml? anyway, retards on the Internet ain't gonna agree that they were wrong if you immediately respond with: shutthefuckup noone likes you... jusayin

LOL fcbarca17 you need to brush up on how U.S. democracy work. I'm going to laugh the day where your parents lose everything in this recession and you'll have to immigrate over here to try and survive. By the way, if you're going to bash America, do it with dignity; capitalize and punctuate dumbass.

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Why did all the comments get deleted?.....

167 and america revolves around japan and china going anal on one another. :DD

#167 I agree that fcbarca17 is a complete stereotyping asshole but this website isn't American, it's European :)

i think i see more british people that anything actually

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Alright my bad I got carried away but he's still an asshole

SneakherHead 5

Wow I didn't know the FML team takes the time to look through every little comment, I got to watch out for what I write here O__O

He said girls. Not guns. He can still shoot you.

Hmm I'm not sure I know many other people that are more afraid of girls than bullets... But thanks #5 Anyway, OP I appreciate your service and hope everything clears up in the lady department!! :)

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Then get shot by a girl, you have to face you're fears.

Getting shot by a girl is just painful, dude. It's bad enough for a guy if we hit them, but shoot them? That's hardcore.

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Girls love a man in uniform. *hint hint*

pitchblease 2

No, Whitney Cummings explained this. Women don't like a man in uniform, they like men with jobs.

Just like how guys love a girl who's good in the kitchen. :)

Wonder how much you'd shit you pants if you had to talk to a girl... With a gun

I was thinking that when I read the post! Being from MT I like a guy with a guy.. Just ask long as he'll let me shoot it!

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What? Being shy doesn't mean that you're gay

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He said that he was afraid to talk to girls. Were he gay, this wouldn't be a problem.

pfx2_fml 15

If your that afraid to talk to girls, then your prob not straight

pfx2_fml 15

If your that afraid to talk to girls, then your prob not straight

Jdog619 11

There is no logic in that. Almost every gay guy I know has WAY more girl friends than guy friends.

Or... He probably has just never had a lot of experience with talking to girls. That doesn't mean he's gay.

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Show some respect to the Marine. It takes people like him to make this country free enough for us to be able to have things like FML.

If you're gay I'm sure it's easier to talk to the opposite sex since there is no attraction. Kid looks like he gets no play yet he has the audacity to call out someone else.

Every gay guy I've ever known hasn't had issues with talking to girls. So maybe like others mentioned, you're speaking from personal experience? Fear of rejection doesn't make you gay.

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114- Nyan cat is the shit bro.

Girls find it cute, actually. What, you didn't know that? You must be gay then.

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By that logic, straight guys should be afraid to talk to other guys... I see no evidence of this.

SPD935 5

LMAO! I love it when candy asses like you feel then need to insult people over the Internet. True inner weakness prevails again...

Dude, gay guys have way for girls friends than straight guys, you're just a dumbass, to op, don't worry about, just wear UR marine uniform and walk around in a bar, girls will just walk up to u on their own.

How's your parent's basement? And the only thing you smoke is black dick