By Cow_girl_cutie - 03/08/2011 07:47 - United States

Today, I was texting my boyfriend. He continued to tell me how he had to piss. We carried on this conversation for about 10 minutes, then I realized that was the most interesting conversation I have had with him in weeks. FML
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Are you pissed?

eminemchick 19

at least he's not full of shit!:)

Let the man piss for gods sake

I hate it when an FML is about pissing, some douche ruins it by saying "That's a shitty situation".

iLOLatURpain69 7

Thats a shitty situation.

mynameis1339 0


why would you tell someone about your pee?

Kingcc 0

you guys are punny :)

27, you'd br surprised least he didnt pee inside you while you two were being intiment.. O_o

Everyone prank call 35s number on her profile. Never leave a number it won't end well

KiddNYC1O 20

36- She basically put her whole government up.

at least you have something to talk abou.

Only the most awesome beast around :D

talking shit is even better

69_jackson_69 0


Just tell him to piss off.

best. comment. ever.

flockz 19

dude shit stories are way more interesting trust me "oh ya i gotta take a massive shi- AGGGGGHHHHH ya its very relieving"

_cassandra__fml 4

I'm sure your girlfriend would appreciate that. Oh wait...

flockz 19

haha you have no sense of humor then. my girlfriend have had many conversations like that and we dont give a shit.(no pun intended) so go back under your troll bridge before i smack you. actually no then my hand would smell funny.

Looks like 45 is a jealous bitch...

flockz 19

ya she has no one to share her shit stories with cuz shes a jealous bitch who cant get a boyfriend.

traze 7

Wow just wow...

Thabb 0

mhm. Tell me more

Well u sound like a dick....

Thabb 0


next time talk about taking a shit hehe

bobbymullet 11

I think you found yourself a keeper.

FhIsLif3 5

Thinkinn the same thingg.(:

garrettsgirl 0

Depressing much?