By johnsj8 / Thursday 17 March 2011 15:11 /
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  KMilliron  |  2

Whenever I think of macaroni I think of spooning in the front yard. And believe it or not there's actually a story behind that. :D Have to have loved my senior year.

  boatkicker  |  4

It doesn't say OP was driving anywhere in it.

That said, if all of OP's belongings were in it, OP still should have double checked, especially when the phrase "homemade trailer" got added into it.

  KMilliron  |  2

I was movin to the city and I ask daddy I'm like daddy y'all hitched that trailer right? So daddy says yeah I hitched that trailer don't tell me I didn't hitch no trailer! Didn't have no time to keep on him about cause we was gonna be late or Jerry springer see and momma was gonna be on tonight.

Haha I can see it playing out like that.

  MissBunny25  |  0

81 you fail. you must be 12, because only twelve year olds have this undying obsession with their mother. why? because they're 12 and their mommy is their world. but you would already know that.

  r6_fml  |  4

No, sarcasm would be more like "nice comeback #81". Every comment you make is so fucking stupid. How do you diagnose a mommy obsession from two words? Besides, he said "YOUR mom" not his mom, so unless he's your bro, he wasn't talking about his own mom. Way to perpetuate the "dumb blonde" stereotype. Just finish your coloring book sweetheart.

  iluvme4never  |  0

Sorry, but there was no sarcasm in that sentence, moron. Getting angry and insulting someone online is nowhere close to sarcasm, no matter how much you wish you could brush it off as that.

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