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nonsensical 26

We can't let that happen! I'm genuinely afraid for this country if Trump wins.

I wish you luck, and thank you for serving

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It'll probably get deleted. The countdown begins. Yes, I know the drill, I'll down vote myself too ok?

gosh ppl are mean haha

people are mean because they don't agree with your views?

People aren't mean, they just expect for the first comment to have a deep argument or purpose, not unintelligent drivel about it being the first comment.

I wish you luck, and thank you for serving

nonsensical 26
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Just the USA? Heck, all the world is dreading the thought of him winning. You guys need to not let it happen.

With the amount of people against him (myself included) I'm surprised he's still even in the race.

Ya we have social studios classes watching trump vs Donald debates, we are also scared to see him become the next president, don't let it happen!!

I'm truly concerned about the state of our country if Trump or Cruz wins. Both are fanatical; Trump is just more outspoken.

Look on the bright side, you could also be serving under Bernie!

Nothing about Bernie Sanders has a bright side.

Nothing about politics has a bright side. I don't trust anyone who is a politician.

well, considering he isn't a war hawk that would be much better than serving under anyone who is

On the actual bright side, welcome to the brotherhood. You're in for one heck of a ride.

I really hope Trump doesn't happen to your country.

I think anyone with an intelligence quotient over eighty hopes that he doesn't happen.

Oh good god.

At least you don't have to be here for it

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nonsensical 26

I think he's entitled to his own opinion.

Doesn't make him right.

#8- People like you are disgusting. These people risk their life to defend ours... The military is about encouraging and enforcing ethics within people, not abandoning them. It may not always work out but most military people are true quality men and women. There is nothing more accurate than the saying if you don't stand behind our troops feel free to stand in front of them. Jerk

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Wouldn't you rather him than Hillary? I mean political beliefs aside we saw how little she cared about American lives in Bengazi

I don't think anyone with half a brain would rather him than any other candidates...

apparently you don't know what actually happened....she was involved in making a press statement its not like she was part of the Islamic attack. and I am not voting for her but find some real evidence for bashing a presidential candidate instead of regurgitating fox new bole shit

And at least Trump isn't under Congressional investigation.

everyone thought they were rioters, not just her. she made a mistake buts its not like she purposefully did that because she hates americans. that is so incredibly ignorant