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  bamagrl410  |  31

That's a good question. Maybe OP just assumed?

By  TryptamineDreame  |  0

Lol I doubt you "realized" it. You most likely "assumed". Still, I guess it wouldn't have been published had you posted "Today, I assumed...", so I guess FYL for a possible insecurity and maybe a little jealousy of your sisters' looks? Seriously, who gives a shit if it was true? This life we are living is short and it's not a beauty contest. I would much rather be friends with quality people than shallow, arrogant people that these so-called "friends" of yours seem to be..

By  Jimboom  |  11

At least you have hot sisters. Hot sisters generally have hot friends. You might get lucky and one of them might find you attractive and one night when they come home with your sister drunk you could get some.

Or... you could always just hide out in your sisters closet and watch your sisters friends in their panties. :-P