By loser - 31/07/2012 14:21 - United States

Today, I found out that the only reason my guy friends actually hang out with me at my house all the time is because they think my mom is hot. FML
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First thing that cane to mind is that old song Stacey's mom

What? No hot sister?


What? No hot sister?

Did you just stereotype that his friends are straight but maybe not bisexual!? Maybe they weren't looking for a hat sister at the moment and were in need of a hot brother! No I'm kidding.

Yeah I meant hat sister by the way... :(

And 19 is why we "say no" to drugs, children. Ok?

21, Didnt make a difference.

Don't blame me blame my parents. Obviously I must be a crack baby.

Don't insult crack babies.

Did I insult a crack baby. I believe not.

Is your last name "Stiffler"??

Whats the difference between a joke and three cocks? Your mom can't take a joke!

Second time today I've laughed at one of your comments, numbersystem. Good job.

You had to find out sometime, Stacy.

Omg! It took me a second to make the connection but that it is really good! I guess someone turned on 90's radio.

What's that? Stifler's mom is hot?? =p

101- The song came out in 2003.

And nobody needs a radio to remember older songs.

Someone call 911 because your mom is smokin!

"Can I take a picture of your mom?" "Why?" "I wanna show Santa what I want for christmas. No just kidding. I want it for my shrine."

Hey man, do you need some ice? CAUSE YOU JUST GOT BURNED. OHOHO. no? okay. that's cool too. is this relevant to this thread or the fml?

Is OP's name Stacy?

47 - You probably wouldn't have been thumbed down if you had stopped after the second line.

Stacy's mom HAS got it goin on....

Or maybe his dad is Jesse?

that really sucked

First thing that cane to mind is that old song Stacey's mom

I thought of American Pie. Stiffler's mom

I was thinking more about the Inbetweeners, and Will's mom...

Stalkin' your mom.

Well hey...obviously she got it goin on

My mom's name is Stacey...

Yes, but I was thinking Stacy Keach's mom. (I don't know any other male Stacys.)

If the OP weren't a guy, I would have to agree with you. And the song isn't that old. Oh, hell, I had it going through my head the moment I read the FML.

Bigtay! Hollywood Undead! yeya!

Damn you! Haha I was about to put "Stacy's mom has got it goin on", but you stole my moment.


Haha no way! Me too. Hahaha

My grandpa's name is Stacy

Perhaps he has a sister named Stacy hmm

Maybe you could start charging them for every time they hang out at your house.

What the heck? Pimping for your mom?

Is your mums name Tiffany? Haha. Just like this kid at schools mum.

Go hang out with your girl friends then :)

What if they are lesbians...

If OP's mother is that hot, you never know..

That's called being used OP. They don't deserve your hot mom.

Maybe op will be a MILF like her mom

59 - OP is a male.

61- Are you doubting OP's ability to become a MILF!?

Take it as a compliment... Your moms hot and you're her offspring.

Doesn't mean she got the sexy gene...

Hm.. I usually just stay at my friends house for their free food.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. I have also heard that Stacy's mom has got it going on.

Everyone is stealing my comment...

They're men, what do you expect? Every guy loves a MILF

Yeah all my guy friends think my mom is really hot.