By creepyyy - 17/05/2014 16:54 - United States

Today, trying to be nice, I added this really shy kid from my English class on Facebook. Within minutes, he started going through all my pictures and tagging himself as my breasts. FML
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It's the shy ones you need to watch out for...

cryssycakesx3 22

It sounds like they make quite the pair together!

incoherentrmblr 21

Do you see what happens Larry?... Do you see what happens Larry when you f**k a stranger in the ass... Do you see what happens Larry?...

Haha The Big Lebowski. Kind of unrelated... But a great movie.

conman531 23

One thing i've learnt is that you *never* underestimate shy people.. Sometimes when you get to know them and they come out of their shell they're really nice, wonderful people to know. But the rest of the time they're just pretty strange and creepy - OP could testify to that!

JMichael 25

I can also testify to that. A coworker added me on Facebook and after that stalker nightmare.

I think there may be something more behind this, since every time someone scrolls over, for whatever reason, they will see his name now. It's good publicity, Weird publicity, but nowadays that's the best kind.

redbolzelmo 2

Suddenly the shy kid is creepy cause he did something hilarious? I don't see why him being quiet AND bold make him creepy. If it was an overactive kids, he'd just be playful.

I agree. When people are alone there is a reason for that in most cases (some are exceptions and they are really great people but definitely not worth the risk).

Aww he just wants to be your breast friend.

Breast is best! So that would make them, breasties?

These are the breast puns ive seen today!

Guys, let's just nip this in the bud.

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Your definition of cool is very different from mine

You need to leave the cave more often.

45thTBirds 7

You gotta put *sarcasm* or everyone would freak out man.

your heart was in the right place, but hes a fuckhead

That was nice of you OP but I think it's time for a unfriend or maybe even a block; because that's just creepy..

I wouldn't even unfriendly him. He sounds like someone I'd be friends with in high school.

I would laugh so hard. Maybe I'm too relaxed about these things.

Demig0d6 14

she did and he turned out to be a creepy dumbass.

cryssycakesx3 22

I think he was just being a clown, I found it kinda funny. definitely worse things to do to be a "creepy dumbass" if that's all it takes for you, I bet you don't have many Facebook friends..

ninety 25

Unless the shy guy is trying to troll OP, It's definitely not normal for him to tag himself as her boobs in ALL of her pictures before he really gets to know her. That's something that's really only funny if a significant other is doing it or maybe a close friend, otherwise it IS just plain creepy.