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  SPRKY  |  6

You're putting the wrong kind of 'wire' in your mouth. You don't want THAT one to explode on your tongue, it could leave a huge mess or regrets the next day.

  llamafish  |  25

It does work, but only the extremely determined idiots can kick themselves out of the gene pool. We have created an environment which caters to stupidity, therefore they technically qualify as "fit to survive".

  Jordath_Fil  |  11

Ok 70 so here is how evolution works. In an environment, certain attributes or behaviors or what have you are beneficial; some are detrimental. I work with S. aureus and penicillin so the ones that randomly acquire penicillin resistance become more 'fit' to survive in their environment. The ones that do not have this gene for resistance will die and not have representation in successive generations. As for the previous comment about this being a society geared toward stupidity so idiots thrive (I paraphrased sue me) it does make sense. Being an "idiot" that is capable of working the system can spend more energy reproducing (making more representatives) than an intelligent individual who works and ends up supporting the first idiot. So you see the better 'fit' is found with the "idiot" because they are able to reproduce at a higher rate.
Edit: if I have strayed from the answer please forgive me.

  perdix  |  29

We could keep people aware of current events. We could charge people, potentially, if we could overcome their resistance and transform their lives.

  SPRKY  |  6

OP put the wrong kind of "wire" in their PIE hole. They'll have to be careful, because they definitely wouldn't want THAT cord to explode in there mouth. It could lead to a big mess and a few regrets.

OP, next time just pull your wire.

By  spaboolly  |  26

On the plus side, there won't be any embarrassing photos of you dancing around and making out with people on facebook the next morning.

I can't imagine what kind of uninhibited impulse would make you want to chew electrical cords though. That has to be a new one.

  cameron194  |  9

And not to mention that one of these nights she goes drinking and ends up killing herself because she was too drink and stupid to realize what the fuck she's doing.. Yea I think I'd take the embarrassing photos I've the alternative.. Your dumb for even pointing that out spabooly.. And if I was OP I probably wouldn't be drinking much in the near future.. And if I did I'd make sure everything in the house was unplugged first :/