By OCDrunk - 23/11/2011 06:40 - Australia

Today, when drunk, I became OCD about everything and spent 3 hours making sure that the books on my shelves were straight. I thought that being drunk was supposed to be fun. FML
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You should count yourself incredibly lucky that not only are you apparently passive and safe when drunk, you're also productive!

If you have boring thoughts it's not.


If you have boring thoughts it's not.

try smokin pot u woulda done the exact same thing except u woulda had the time of ur life doin it

Being drunk is fun! But depends how deunk you get. With whom you get drunk.. But drinking alone is depressing :D

I personally hate drinking and pot..

37 - Well aren't you just the cooliest.

38- ??? just shut the fuck up.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I agree, 69. I've never gotten to the shitfaced stage though. I know when to stop, and since I don't enjoy getting even just buzzed, it wouldn't make sense to keep drinking. Most of the drinkers I know agree that being drunk is not a stellar feeling, but for one reason or another, it appeals to them enough to continue doing it.

Your getting voted up even though you put "u"?...Shocking.

38 - that is correct.

Nice abs

I bet you would be pissed if a earth quick hit

No one cares.

I've only been drunk a few times and it's actually fun for me because my OCD disappears. I don't care what's going on and I share my drink with who ever. But my OCD is mainly cleanliness based.

DetLions32 6

At least now s/he knows what to do when their house is a mess

You should count yourself incredibly lucky that not only are you apparently passive and safe when drunk, you're also productive!

Maybe OP will start doing her homework next time!!

Cool, i clean whenever im angry

36- Make me a sandwich while you're at it..

Seriously OP want to come by my house when you want to drink. I will supply the alcohol if you just tidy up my house a little.

Lol #54 that's exactly what I was going to post. Hehe, at least I think I have a slightly better chance, seeing as OP lives in the same state as me :P

isn't that what happen with crack?

me_gusta_eso 1


Haha I was thinking the same thing! I've never heard people react like that With alcohol!.. I think someone lied a little bit

He was definitely lying. That does not happen with alcohol! Either he took something or someone spiked his drink!

@133 everyone reacts differently to alcohol

ashtonkay 7

Talk from experience?

Just bust a nut!!!

valdancer99 0

OP's lucky. I should have cleaned my bookcase years ago. But i'm way too lazy. If I had that "problem" I would drink everyday!!

why is there such strange people on tis website?

You Bennybennyboo! You just told the guy to drink toilet water.......

Just like everybody else.

you think we're weird go to 4chan

tweetypie 18

So you did post that comment? I thought it was your little sister....

Noticed that the guy who talked about drinking poo water is gone??:D Guess he got banned!

saIty 17

Get so drunk that you want to clean up the world and create world peace.

mojobanks 8

Get hammered and walk to the nearest book store and go nuts

hey creep with my picture. you should stop being a creep and take someone elses

What on earth is this guy on about?

He just tried crack and fml for the first time.

It is fun for the people watching :)

Obviously that's what you do while you're drunk, and you want OP to do it too so you feel less lonely and weird.