By bw9669 - 28/01/2010 19:35 - Canada

Today, I had to cancel all of the plans to go away on a romantic weekend with my boyfriend. My parents are going out of town for a night and I have to stay home a babysit my little sister. She's 19. FML
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You're obviously an adult, since your little sister is 19. YDI for not just saying "no, I have plans." Don't blame others because you lack a spine.


The sister is 19. Who doesnt fking party at 19? I say let her.

efil_ym_kcuf 0

if ur sister is an average 19 year old, then ur parents are bitches and yes...fyl however, if ur sister is special needs or there is a legitimate reason for u to babysit, then ur a bitch and ydi

Why doesn't OP lie? Everyone is happy. The parents think their little girl is looked after, you get your romantic weekend and your sister actually gets to have fun for once. "Yeah, sure I'll look after her." - all you need to say, then just simply DON'T.

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that's wack u should of just went with ur boyfriend unless there's a good ass reason y u should babysit her

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you should have told ur parents to go f*** themselves

WTF??? she's expected to cancel her plans so her parents can go out?? **** that dude! it's not her daughter!! they should have found somebody else to babysit her!! that's just selfish

@112 yea but when parents have plans they expect you to drop everything ur doing and comply with their needs! it's bullshit! they should call grandma or someone else to babysit!! or simply not have had another kid if they can't learn to make sacrifices!! why does OP have to drop HER plans to babysit and not the parents?? **** that

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35- WHAT THE ****? Are you trying to say FYL by saying "that's gay"? Do you think that's funny? What a fucktard. Something being "gay" is not equivalent to something that really sucks. If you think it is, I'd go back and ask the Wizard of Oz for a new brain. Yours clearly isn't working.

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My best guess is that the sister is "special"?

Spoo- if the sister was special I highly doubt that the OP would have put focus on the fact that she's 19.

ouch man that sucks; why don't you ask your boyfriend to come over and stay with you and your sister?

I think I saw a porno that started like that once.

omg that sucks!!! next weekend is yours lol

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You're obviously an adult, since your little sister is 19. YDI for not just saying "no, I have plans." Don't blame others because you lack a spine.

#5 did you ever think that maybe the little sister is the troublemaker in the family and can't be trusted to be by herself?

WTF. Who the hell babysits a 19 year old? She's an adult now. I'd so go on for the romantic weekend with my boyfriend, and tell my parents to find someone else that's crazy enough to agree on babysitting an adult.

maybe the sister is handicapped and has the mind of a 5 year old or sumthing? idunno wtf ever

Exactly what she should have done! And everyone needs to stop assuming her sister is handicapped. She never said anything about it in the post, so it's not relevant. Stop overanalyzing it!

yes. but a 19 year old does not need babysitting. many 19 year olds live by themselves therefore they are assuming there's a reason.

And the reason would be she's 19, lives in Canada, and had the perfect opportunity to throw a sick party.

She might be horrendously irresponsible. Never know.

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OP might have left out the part about her sister being handicapped so she could throw a pity party on FML, rite?

If her sister was handicapped than OP would have not put emphasis on her age.... This is basic logic.

AGGoddess 2

YDI for not going on your outing with your bf anyways. Your sister can take care of herself, she's old enough.

Well, SOMEONE'S gotta make sure she doesn't get preggers and/or wake up 2 states away... again.

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Do you think "preggers" sounds cute?

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lol more like F your sister's life...

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lol more like F your sister's life...