By anal4me - 05/04/2012 20:07 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I got my license. Instead of congratulating me, my buddies created a betting pool for when I get into a serious accident. Thanks for the support. FML
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Run them over with your car.


Dude no one cares make a meaningful comment

Thank you for that insightful comment that has changed all FML readers lives for the better, I honestly don't know how we survived without the knowledge that you were first on this particular FML without having anything vaguely meaningful to contribute to the site.

icrest80 4

The people who bet early will try to mess him up while driving lol

i was thinking the same thing, but who would want to get in a serious accident to win a bet?

Depends on the definition of serious

I would say it Depends on the driver

Thats just what guys do should know that by now

anybody else wonder why Op's name is "anal4me"

^^Because he's probably going to get rear-ended a lot in the near future! My God, that was a terrible pun. I just had to get it out of the way. Please feel free to thumb me down...I'll be prepared. Or if you liked it thumb it up. But until then I'll be over this corner...waiting... *grabs safety gear*

*Hits the thumbs down button repeatedly*

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I was in a major accident and almost lost my life. But it's not always the driver it's the other people on the road to be cautious about.

icrest80 4

Remind me of Jackie and kelso on that 70s show

I'd bet as well, it'll help pay for any damage.

It would take a couple paragraphs to explain why this comment doesn't make any sense, and quite frankly I'm too lazy to write that. But I assure you it doesn't!

choochee77 0

In that case would someone enlighten me to why my comment doesn't make sense?(no sarcasm, I'm tired and befuddled and would like to know)

Your comment makes sense. You're saying OP should try and bet with them that he will get into a serious accident, then when he does he can use the winnings to help pay for the repairs, right?

spekledworf 18

44 sounds like you got it right to me! I thought it made plenty of sense

Nono it doesn't. Now I gotta explain you see. Alright, if OP were to bet, based on your comment-it'd be against himself (you said it would help pay for damage). Damage means accident. So, he bets against himself, meaning for him to win, he gets into an accident. In which case he loses money anyways and compromises safety. Is this a smart thing to bet for? No. However, if OP doesn't get in an accident, he loses the bet, losing his money. Therefore, to bet in order to help pay for damages is counterintuitive. Hope this helps.

Yes, but I'm working under the assumption that OP is accident prone and therefore will get in an accident anyway (accidentally), in which case any extra money will be helpful.

This would be a great argument to start the greatest flame war the internet has ever seen on :)

I'm sorry 90 I couldn't be fcked reading past your 5th line. Try make your story sound more enthusing next time.

90- it's betting on WHEN he has an accident, not if he does.

Okay, so you guys all go bet WHEN (thanks for capitalising, I wouldn't have understood otherwise haha) you will get into accidents. I on the other time will focus not getting into an accident. Your logic is flawed. 112- I didn't comment in the hopes you'd enjoy it. If that was my goal, I would've posted some good pop up picture books. And get a better vocabulary. You sound like an imbecile.

This is not "FML" worthy, at all...

I'd put $200 in because it happens to almost everyone.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

That $200 could be going toward the money that OP will use to pay when he gets into a serious accident!

The money's for WHEN, not IF OP gets in an accident

xXxIracebethxXx 14

109- read the comment again you moron.

Great. Another New Yorker road hazard. Please tell me you don't drive a taxi.

I'm offensive, and I find this to be from new York.

I'm from new York! To be honest, the only bad drivers are in NYC... They're a-holes. New jersey on the other hand... Forget about it (for the record, I've never heard anyone say that in the city.)

80-no one in NYC says that they're bad drivers bc it's a either a pride thing or bc they grew up with people swerving in and out like maniacs, almost hitting pedestrians and small chihuahuas.

Ok Johnny whatever you say. Just... Just put the gun down.

nice fake gun johnny you get it from toys 'r' us?

Proving them wrong will be your reward

bigtaytay 13

So great to have close friends isn't it?

omarzrgz 3

Good friends encourage you; best friends bet you that you will **** up #TrueStory