By Lea - 16/01/2012 20:18 - Denmark

Today, my kitchen nearly burned down because the fire alarm didn't detect the plumes of smoke wafting through the kitchen. This is the same alarm that wails when I use the toaster. FML
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It was letting you know your toast was done. Evidently your kitchen wasn't done toasting yet.


a lawsuit against OP for bad kitchen skills! lol j/k But really OP, stay out of the kitchen.

MichellinMan 20

your smoke detecter is a prick.

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Well your alarm obviously hates toast.

It was letting you know your toast was done. Evidently your kitchen wasn't done toasting yet.

its impossible for anyone or anything to hate toast it just didn't want it to burn so it alerted You as fast as possible

that's why you need to have an escape plan for your family and animals so you don't die in a fire if it happens but that's ok you can leave the animal don't take it just get out so only you are safe and sound the animal is not necessary As for you OP I am so sorry to hear that sounds like so much muney to use for repais ugh especially in this economy that's not gud

Well clearly you forgot to make the "RING OF COCAINE ACID" and chant "MAKA WATA MAKA WATA" as soon as you noticed the fire. I mean sereously are you stupid? Its common sence. It would have blared instantly if you did

fifty six wut da fck are u talking about man r u high on shrooms?

xXRazelleLuniiXx 9

#56 What the hell does that have to do with anything?

#69 uh read the comment you stupid pixie! I swear i am not om crack. If she had followed those instructions the alarm would have gone off. She deserves it!

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Dude. Calm down. And it's 'sense', not 'sence'. If you want to make a point, or at least TRY to make a point, be grammaticaly correct while doing so, so people take you seriously.

shyeahh_fml 19

"sereously are you stupid?" ...seriously, are YOU stupid?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I doubt 56 was trying to "make a point". It was just a very lame attempt at a joke.

okiidokii_fml 6

Wow... Plumes? Wafting? Read the dictionary much

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Seriously, 92? How the f- no, seriously?

#92 Or actually pay attention during English class. #56 Either you misread the FML or that was a horrible joke. OP didn't want it to go off randomly. Although she would have preferred it if it did go off when it was needed.

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#89. Well, it didn't seem like a joke. He needs to think about what he's going to put, and how people will react to it, before putting it.

DreBeezy 9

Wow, failing all your classes much? But no, seriously, looking at you I can tell that you're at an age where you should already know those words and use them in a natural conversation.

AyooXKayytee 0

If at an age of knowing all those words and using them in everyday conversation, wouldn't that person not be taking classes, or on the other hand, have already taken those classes, AND passed them.?

To 56 you have me intrigued, what's cocaine acid?

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that's terrible OP... I'm afraid to comment anything else for fear of being attacked by everyone.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

131, I assume it's what 56 was on when she made those dumbass comments. Also, from what I understand, it makes you shout "mata waka mata waka". Sounds pretty shitty if you ask me. I really hope she's not actually 21.

148 You shut your fuc$ing mouth! Ok, now someone do me.

71- who ever calls someone a pixie? Hahah

114 As I said before, who cares? Not many people who post comments here care about reactions, they post what's on their mind. Try it next time, instead of posting what you think will get the most thumbs up.

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That's how I feel about this comment.... Both yours, and mine

Actually, despite common belief, toasters are inanimate objects and cannot "like" or "dislike" anything

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Haha 76! Obviously YOU have not seen The Brave Little Toaster. Shows what you know!

AyooXKayytee 0

The Brave Little Toaster isn't real. Shows what YOU know.

Almighty_Chris97 6

117 - do you just go on FML to ruin people's fun??

Let's just all get high k2 and ecstasy

MagicGiraffe 12

The Brave Little Toaster is my hero! Don't tell me he's not real! >:(

AyooXKayytee 0

No, I don't go on FML to ruin 'fun'. I go on to read FML's. And comment. I can say what I want. Freedom of speech. It's a magical thing.

SmallBean 12

Well 157, you might not ruin other people's fun, but I'll ruin yours. You call yourself a grammar Nazi, but "And comment." isn't a complete sentence. Also, freedom of speech isn't as free as you might think. For example, if you write something inappropriate or derogatory, an FML moderator will remove your comment. To sum it all up, you can't say "whatever you want" and frankly... you're not as smart as you think you are.

AyooXKayytee 0

Well, all I can say is nobody's perfect. I do what I do, and I don't really care what people say about it. Also, you didn't ruin my fun, because I wasn't having fun to begin with. I appreciate your honesty, and I'll try to fix the little flaws I have. (Little as in flaws that are able to be fixed). I really didn't mean to "ruin peoples'" fun, but I say things that come off rude or negative. It happens to everyone.

76, why are you taking about the toaster??? He made a comment about the fire alarm not the toaster... Your comment deserves a YDI

176- congratulations, you've completely made yourself look stupid.

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What does your computer have to do with this?

Ours used to do that too, then my dad solved it with a hammer. Yea, I think he might have anger issues..

17 What the ever loving **** are you talking about?

thaire talking about how she is using her computer to get on this site duh what else do u think jeez

desireev 17

Your fire alarm doesn't detect smoke while your kitchen is burning down?

silver848 6

Where did OPs computer enter this conversation? Mind is blown.

Think theyre talking about the xp at the end there..

17 where in the hell did you get computer out of that comment???

Hahaha that sucks... I hope your house is all right

quite_bored 9

What do you know? You're a squid.

How much times does that comment have to come up before people realize no one likes it when people say "that blows."

108 Who cares? Does it annoy you to the point where simply seeing it annoys you to the point of pacing and hair pulling? If not, it doesn't really matter. Not many people here actually care for thumbs ups and say whats on their mind.

It's not the wording, it's the fact of how little thought was put into it. Just to say "that blow" doesnt even consist of any humor or any itelligent matter that makes fml interesting. That's why he went ape shit on him. Good day.

112- your comment ALMOST does for me.

My social experiment was a success! I have proven that the people of the Internet have developed an extreme hatred of anything that could be mildly trollish. These results will be published in the next issue of "Interwebz Monthly". Also, my apologies for subjecting you all to this. Here is cake: //*error: cake not found*//

KeyboardWarrior, you ever heard of freedom of speech? Some (many) people found my comment irritating and pointless (which it was :D), and have every right to bash it as they feel fit (like saying witty things about my species)

164 I think you may have a problem then. I don't really care if I get bashed, you all have the right to bash. I'm just letting you all know that If people really cared for thumbs up, half the shit that gets posted wouldn't be up there. My opinion. Feel free to thumb me down.

177- I happily thumbed you down. But once more, people aren't always going for thumbs up, they're saying what they want to say.

maybe get a new fire alarm? or maybe the toaster is the problem

SirObvious 1

Maybe her cooking is the problem?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

If she were in the kitchen where she belongs she could have fixed it! She deserves it for not being in her place! (p.s. I am a woman but i enjoy those jokes :P )

Man your dumb how could the toaster be the problem if the smoke alarm doesn't go off from OTHER KITCHEN APPLIANCES that are making the smoke?

Almighty_Chris97 6

Just think about what your saying man.

Torva_fml 16

Well... From my expert observations, I've concluded that your fire alarm is ****** the **** up. Also, go buy a new toaster.

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FYL. You need a new alarm system. Same thing happened to mine. The fire department didn't believe me.

As they say, "If you can't take the heat, then your motherfucking kitchen is totally on fire." |the kid|

Chixken 6

Time to get a new smoke detecter. :)

Well that sounds like a really alarming incident..... I'm sorry that was stupid.

Why does your toaster smoke? Do you burn the toast? Lol Time to get a new fire detected, I'm glad your house didn't burn down though.

Yeah, smoking is really bad for toasters he should quit.