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By  gracehi  |  31

They're saving you thousands of dollars in auto shop repairs... Or has your truck degenerated into a literal piece of shit? In that case, the best thing to solve that problem would be a shovel.

By  Needafarm  |  22

Really OP. You are complaining about them giving you an opportunity to fix it before they have it towed. You are seriously hurting not only their house resale value, but the whole neighborhoods. FFS, it's in the front yard.

  TheDrifter  |  23

The quality of vehicles in the neighborhood affects peoples impressions when coming to look at a house. Rusted out Chevys on blocks in the driveway give the impression of a lower income area, which are known to have statistically higher crime rates and more domestic abuse calls (lousy neighbors)

  lukep135  |  6

The real world? I help my parents out with real estate, the only people who would give a shit for something so insignificant are Asians, and they only nitpick about ridiculous superstitious garbage

By  HortonThelephant  |  15

Unless this so called manual is titled: Automotive fiberglass, plate steel welding repair, and painting for Idiots, you're screwed. Just because it is cosmetically ugly, doesn't necessarily mean it isn't mechanically sound.